Husband Tells How His Wife Took His Anal Virginity

At The Virginity Project, a husband tell how his wife took his anal virginity. What did it feel like the first time?

I put my arms back and got lost in the music, which was pounding and loud.  The pushing returned but this time I did not resist.  Slowly, slowly, the dildo pressed in and then all of a sudden it just slid forward.

I moaned and gasped, ‘Ohmygod.’

‘Mmmm,’ she said, ‘Here’s some more.’

With that, she pushed in even further.  Another ‘Ohmygod’ from me.  Then the thrusting began.  ‘Keep with me,’ she said.  I did, mimicking what she’d done for me hundreds of times before – bucking my hips in rhythm to meet her thrusts.  I couldn’t believe it. Read more

Why I Agreed to Be a Bend-Over Boyfriend

Anonymous at AlterNet explains why he agreed to be a bend-over boyfriend and what the experience was like. His first time didn’t go that well, but the second…

The first time my girlfriend fucked me in the ass it was with a small purple strap-on dildo that her ex-girlfriend had shipped from Ohio. Like any lady should before taking her man’s anal virginity, my girlfriend took me for a night on the town beforehand. Walking home, after dinner and a long stop at a bar, we decided it was about time I made good on an earlier promise to let her screw me for a change.

Butt sex wasn’t my idea. As far as anal is concerned, I’m not exactly a connoisseur. That goes for giving as well as receiving. Read more

5 Advanced Anal Sex Techniques


According to a federal study released in 2005, 40 percent of men and 35 percent of women surveyed in 2002 said they have had anal sex with an opposite-sex partner. Given that five of my top ten posts all-time are about anal sex, I’m sure the numbers haveonly  increased since then. That means that  a lot of couples have moved beyond anal sex for beginners and are looking for way to make anal sex even hotter. Here are five advanced anal sex techniques to try. Continue reading

How To Score With Women: 12 Tips For Today’s Insane Gentlemen

NewsMutiny provides today’s insane gentlemen with twelve tips for scoring with women.  I think I’ve met some of the insane gentlemen this article is aimed at, so I just hope they always remember the last tip.

  • Offering to buy a woman a drink in a bar is a good first step towards scoring. If she says she’s not thirsty or simply doesn’t drink, try offering her the five bucks you were going to spend on the beverage to come back to your place.
  • Most women want to be pursued, so if they run away, by all means go after them. Regardless of what they might scream at you, to others to petition their assistance, or throw in your path to impede your chase, rest assured you are scoring big points by fulfilling a deep-seated subconscious desire.
  • Practice makes perfect. Gluing a picture of the object of your desire’s face over an inflatable sex doll will allow you to practice your kissing and intercourse technique so you’ll be sure to impress her when it’s time for the real thing. Read more

Fellatio & the Backdoor

In this episode of CherryTV, the women share their tongue techniques – pushing the boundaries of oral sex by teasing the anus. Watch Fellatio & the Backdoor.

How to Have Anal Sex with a Big Penis

Can a penis be too big for anal sex? Probably not, though size does matter. However, a big penis doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. With proper preparation, enough lubrication, the right position, and relaxation techniques, having anal sex with a big penis can be comfortable and pleasurable.

1) Preparation. One way to prepare yourself for anal sex with a big penis is butt plugs. Get one butt plug as large as the diameter of your partner’s penis and one or two smaller ones. Use the smaller ones as “trainers,” if necessary,  and work up to being able to insert the largest one. You can wear a butt plug during the day to prepare for anal sex that evening, or wait to insert it prior to foreplay. If you wear it while having vaginal sex, he will love how tight it makes your vagina feel. Once you’re able to insert and wear the large butt plug, penetration with his penis should then be fairly comfortable.

2) Lubrication. Since the anal region is not self-lubricating, lubricants are essential to reduce friction and discomfort during anal sex, and even more so with a big penis. A good choice for anal sex is Astroglide, a super-smooth, long-lasting lubricant that can be found at many neighborhood pharmacies. Use as much lube as possible. You really can’t use too much.

3) Position. Though doggy-style may be the most popular anal sex position, it’s not necessarily the best one if your partner has a big penis. Missionary position (man on top, woman on bottom) allows the woman to fully relax her anus, making penetration much easier. Another good position is side anal or “spooning.” The woman lies on one side, and the man approaches from the rear. The woman can relax her anus, and the man can easily access the entire anal area.

4) Relaxation. If you have pain when his penis is inserted, have your partner stop, but not pull out. He should just hold his position while you take several slow, deep breaths and relax the anal muscles. Pushing out (as you would for a bowel movement) will help to open those muscles and allow them relax against the penis. The pain should subside though you may still might feel some discomfort from having something pushing into you and being stretched open. Try to stay relaxed as he continues to push his penis in further. Any time it hurts, have your partner stop while you take slow, deep breaths, push out, and relax until the pain subsides.

If the man exercises patience and control, most women will be able to accommodate any size penis using the above techniques. The incredible sensations of fullness for a woman and tightness for the man make anal sex with a big penis worth the extra time and effort.

My book Anal Sex Secrets is a guide to great anal sex for both anal sex beginners and for couples who are searching for new things to try. To find out more about it, click here

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Female Anal Pleasure

Why might a woman want anal pleasure and anal sex? One of the main reasons is that there are more nerve endings around the anus than just about any other body part. For many women, anal sex, can be the most effective way for her to orgasm. Anal pleasure can enhance orgasms, it can be the source of orgasms, and it just feels really good if the conditions are right. Here are my top five posts on female anal pleasure. Continue reading