Fellatio & the Backdoor

In this episode of CherryTV, the women share their tongue techniques – pushing the boundaries of oral sex by teasing the anus. Watch Fellatio & the Backdoor.

Female Anal Pleasure

Why might a woman want anal pleasure and anal sex? One of the main reasons is that there are more nerve endings around the anus than just about any other body part. For many women, anal sex, can be the most effective way for her to orgasm. Anal pleasure can enhance orgasms, it can be the source of orgasms, and it just feels really good if the conditions are right. Here are my top five posts on female anal pleasure. Continue reading

A Couple’s Guide to Male Anal Pleasure

bendoverboyfriendAnal pleasure is not for everyone, but many more could be enjoying it, than do. For a man, he can discover the extraordinary sensations of prostate-based orgasms without ejaculation, the ultimate anal pleasure, or he can enjoy anal pleasure simply to enhance his ejaculatory orgasms. Once they discover the pleasure of anal play most men never look back. Here are my top five posts on male anal pleasure. Continue reading

Analingus: The Dark Kiss

Analingus, also known as anilingus, the “dark kiss,” or rimming, is oral stimulation of the anus. For many people, analingus is a sensuous experience, both on the giving and the receiving end. Some say there is nothing as arousing as having a warm, soft tongue and lips stimulating them in such an intimate area, and those who love to give it find the experience equally as arousing. Because the anus is packed with sensitive nerve endings, analingus can produce exquisite, erotic sensations.
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10 Steps to Great First-Time Anal Sex

Many people believe that anal intercourse hurts and that it is always an uncomfortable experience. This is quite simply false. If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong. Actually, anal intercourse can provide a unique form of pleasure for both men and women. Anal sex is enjoyable for men because the tight anal sphincter rings provide strong sensations to a thrusting penis.

Generally, for women, the pleasure derived from anal intercourse is due to the shared nerve endings located between the rectal wall and the vagina, and/or from indirect stimulation of the G-spot. The anus contains many nerves as well, which can also react in a pleasurable manner when excited. My post Anal Sex from a Female Perspective describes what anal sex feels like for a woman. If you want to try anal sex with your wife or girlfriend, but are uncertain of her reaction, use the approach I recommend in How to Make Her Want Anal Sex.

If you follow the ten steps below, you can ensure that your first anal sex experience is pleasurable rather than painful. Continue reading