How to Bend Over Your Boyfriend and Make Him Like It

While it still remains taboo in some circles, heterosexual anal sex seems to be gaining in popularity, and some couples are even exploring male anal penetration by the female partner, a sexual practice known as Bend Over Boyfriend (BOB) or pegging. These days more and more men are becoming interested in anal pleasure and comfortable with the idea of letting their female partners take control in bed.

If you’ve decided to make your boyfriend’s or husband’s strap-on fantasies come true, you need to get the right equipment: a sturdy strap-on dildo and a reliable harness to hold it in place. When starting out, it’s best to choose a dildo on the smaller side, for comfort’s sake. A dildo of 5 to 6 inches in length and 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter should be an adequate size for your first strap-on. Choose a dildo that has a flange at the base that will secure it in a harness, and buy a sturdy harness with adjustable straps, preferably one of leather, vinyl, or other strong material.

Some dildos have an upward curve or special shape designed to stimulate the prostate. The prostate gland is located between the wall of the rectum and the bladder and is about the size of a walnut. It is the male equivalent of a woman’s G-spot, and stimulating it can greatly increase the intensity of the man’s orgasm, and sometimes the force or quantity of his ejaculation. While prostate stimulation can be achieved with a standard dildo, having the angle built in makes it that much easier to hit your man’s hot spot.

Once you have your strap-on firmly in place, apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to the head and shaft of the dildo and to his anus. You may even want to massage the lube into his hole with a finger or two to help relax his sphincter. If you really want to dominate your boyfriend, make him apply the lube to your dildo and his anus himself.

Once you’re all lubed up, steady the dildo with one hand and place the head squarely against his anus. The most comfortable position for anal sex is with him lying face up with a pillow under the small of his back and his legs pulled up. You then enter him from on top, in a missionary-style position. In this position, you can kiss him, squeeze his nipples or stroke his penis. However, many couples like having the man bend over something that is less than waist height – a table, a chair, the bed, etc. – or take it doggy-style because these are more submissive postures.

Keeping a grip on the shaft of your dildo, guide the head directly into his anus and gently push it inside him. Instruct him to bear down as if going to the bathroom while you do this, to open up his sphincter muscles. Once the head of the dildo disappears (or the dildo enters into him about an inch or two), pause and let him get used to the feeling of having something up there. Then place your hands on his hips and begin pushing forward steadily until the dildo is all the way in. Take a couple of breaths and let his sphincter adjust and relax. Pull part way out slowly and push back in. Pull out, push in. Continue doing this, increasing your speed and force as you go.

Essentially what you are doing is massaging his prostate gland. Not only will he enjoy this, but it will also make his penis start dripping, and he may even ejaculate without direct penile stimulation. You can increase the stimulation by exerting pressure on the dildo in the direction of the prostate so that the shaft rubs more firmly against it. Also, concentrating your thrusting motions in short, rapid movements will provide more stimulation against that area.

Keep a steady rhythm going, but pay attention to the intensity of his moans and groans, the speed of his breathing, and his body’s actions. Communication is important, so be sure he lets you know what he wants and tells you if he feels any discomfort. Though you may be afraid of hurting him, if he’s begging you to pound him and pushing himself back onto your dildo, it’s a sign to let yourself go. You may find yourself surprised at how turned on you get when you allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of being in control.

Beyond male anal pleasure, there is a lot to explore in the area of role reversals with BOB. It’s a chance to explore the ways you feel – masculine and feminine, bottom and top – and a chance to relate to your partner in a completely different way. Bend Over Boyfriend is a sexual practice that comes with deep potential for personal growth and really hot sex!

If you’re a woman who is turned on by the idea of pegging your man, but he’s not so eager, try the tips in my post Bend Over Boyfriend: How to Make HIM Want Anal Sex. You may be shopping together for a strap-on sooner than you think!

My book Anal Sex Secrets is a guide to great anal sex for both anal sex beginners and for couples who are searching for new things to try. To find out more about it, click here.

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  1. For those who may have not tried this be assured many men really desire it and it is not because they have homosexual tendencies or are secretly gay. It is simply that the feelnig is fantastic. Also the relinquishment of control to your female partner is very empowering for them. Above the intensity of male orgasm is much ehnhanced and the extent of ejaculation often much more than in standard sexul acts – try it !!

  2. For me there was a strange feeling of real power when I looked down for the first time and saw a nice cock jutting out from between my legs. I surprised my man by making him suck my “cock” before I fucked him. It was so hot. He was also surprised when he climaxed with touching himself. He said that the sight of me fucking him, the feelings in his ass, and watching my tits bounce were all too much for him and he just came and came. I climaxed also from the power thing and the stimulation of the base of the dildo on my clit when I pounded into him. I totally recommend this if he has any interest in anal play at all.

  3. This is an excellent article. One of the things I remember when i tried this with an ex was how I didn’t really have a good way to tell what was going on “down there.” Without the sense of touch to tell me how hard or soft I was doing things, I started out really nervous about hurting him. A step by step set of instructions like the ones above would have helped. Of course, with his direction I got into it eventually and we had a GREAT time.

  4. A good rule of thumb is to go slow and easy until he lets you know (one way or another) that he wants you to go hard and fast.

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  6. Excellent Post.

    I find that starting with some fingering is a great way to get things going, and when she inserts her finger in your anus you will feel a sense of connection to her that you could have never imagined until you do this.

    My favorite position is that modified missionary position with the pillow, but I love to finish lying on my stomach, with her pressing her body against my back, incredible!

  7. I agree that “fingers first” is a good idea. In fact, all of the steps in my post 10 Steps to Great First-Time Anal Sex apply to Bend Over Boyfriend. I would further recommend doing a prostate massage before moving on to inserting a dildo to get your man comfortable with anal penetration.

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  21. Nice article, and I’m with you 100%. As a straight married couple, strap-on play has been a part of playtime for a few years. There is a freaky feeling when Mrs Kink orgasms while taking me… quite the role reversal. I also think that she’s surprised every time I “beg” for more, by moving backwards into her as you accurately describe. Thumbs up from us. =)

  22. “Bend Over Boyfriend” is sure to bring out some surprising feelings and sensations in both partners.

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  25. […] Asian girls have nothing on me. I admire, support, and love my man – as long as he’s willing to bend over. […]

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  27. […] These days more and more men are becoming interested in anal pleasure and comfortable with the idea of letting their female partners take control in bed, and some couples are even exploring male anal penetration by the female partner, a sexual practice known as Bend Over Boyfriend (BOB) or pegging. If you have never tried (or even heard of) this sexual practice, read my tutorial How to Bend Over Your Boyfriend and Make Him Like It. […]

  28. […] These days more and more men are becoming interested in anal pleasure and comfortable with the idea of letting their female partners take control in bed, and some couples are even exploring male anal penetration by the female partner, a sexual practice known as Bend Over Boyfriend (BOB) or pegging. If you have never tried (or even heard of) this sexual practice, read my tutorial How to Bend Over Your Boyfriend and Make Him Like It. […]

  29. […] These days more and more men are becoming interested in anal pleasure and comfortable with the idea of letting their female partners take control in bed, and some couples are even exploring male anal penetration by the female partner, a sexual practice known as Bend Over Boyfriend (BOB) or pegging. If you have never tried (or even heard of) this sexual practice, read my tutorial How to Bend Over Your Boyfriend and Make Him Like It. […]

  30. This is great we where doing it for years and it did not have a name. My wife felt so empowered when she began to make love to me and it made our relationship even more equal and fun

  31. It’s really too bad that so many men still think it’s ‘gay’ to receive any sort of anal play from their girlfriends/wives. If you haven’t tried it you should, after that you can decide if you’re into it or not.

    For women, using a strap-on dildo on their partner may not be a turn on at all, they may even be completely turned off by the idea.

    It such a good article and I wish that more men would read it and for that matter, more women, so they could bring up the concept to their male counterparts.

  32. my husband and i just read this article and decided to try it. we have been trying to heat up the bedroom for sometime now do to the fact that we have 2 young children and its hard to find anytime for eachother.
    it was so empowering and amazing to watch him scream and climax without any penis stimulation was amazing and made me climax. i love having the power and making him beg for me! the movies are also good and you can find many helpful hints about how to properly penetrate your partners booty. i love it! and it has made us so much closer and it’s just amazing! get past the taboo strap one on you would be amazed at the feeling it brings to you.

  33. I’m glad to hear that you had such a great time experimenting with anal play.. A lot of men have no idea that they can climax without penile stimulation, but they can, and, as you say, we women can get our own enjoyment from penetrating our partners.

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  35. I started anal play with my hubby many years ago and worked him up slowly in size. He can now take fisting rather easy and loves it. Heheheheh and the baseball bat is “not really that big feeling becuz it is so smooth” <– those are HIS words :)


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  37. […] How to Bend Over Your Boyfriend and Make Him Like It These days more and more men are becoming interested in anal pleasure and comfortable with the idea of letting their female partners take control in bed. […]

  38. The first time I put a finger up ther. It was a bit pain full. But in the shower relaxed, I did it again, boy what a rush. I then asked my wife, who was more than happy to do it. She had wanted to but was unsure of my reaction. Well at least once a week I get pegged and boy do I look forward to it. I believe tonight is the night. :)

  39. I’ll bet your wife looks forward to it, too.

  40. my girlfriend and i are really into this. we’re at the point where shes now using a dildo bigger than what i’m packing lol! we’ve started playing out fantasies, i love dressing up in those sexy outfits and i’ve got my own boobs too, she loves it. almost every night its i’ll do u if u peg me. some people may think its weird but we get so much pleasure out of it

  41. Glad to hear you’re both having fun. The two of you are really exploring the role reversal aspect of Bend Over Boyfriend.

  42. We’re definately enjoying it, tho i know my g/f would never dress up like a bloke. Shes taking more and more control now and its now to the point where nearly every time we’re in bed i’m dressed up and shes doing me

  43. WOW, Wife just bought a strap on, I was a bit timid about it, but OMG what an Orgasm we both had!!

  44. Amazing, isn’t it, Bill? Readers, if you haven’t tried this yet, don’t waste any more time. Bend Over Boyfriend can make you reconsider everything you thought you knew about sex.

  45. my gf at the time told me that she wanted to fuck me with a strap-on. we bought a realistic dildo, a harness, and the dvd bend over boyfriend. we watched the video first then she grabed the toy and went into the restroom to put it on. when she came out, iwas suprised on how sexy she looked with it on. she had me give her a bj before she took me. wow, what a rush. i recomend guys to try this….

  46. Watching the Bend Over Boyfriend video together beforehand is a good idea.

  47. I would love to see your take on an article titled “How to get your Girlfriend to Bend you over” I’m having some trouble barking up that tree. We’ve talked about it but she gets weirded out.

  48. Interesting. I didn’t need any persuading, but I’ll talk to some girlfriends and get their feedback.

  49. Awesome : ) By the way love your site!

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  51. You must not have read this post.

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  53. How to Bend Over Your Boyfriend and Make Him Like It These days more and more men are becoming interested in anal pleasure and comfortable with a lady inviting her friends over to watch. I have all my friends over to laugh with me while I show them how I have trained my husband to gape wide open for us. It is kinda sexy, but moreso, just plain HILARIOUS!!


  54. You do have him well-trained if he’s willing to put on a show for your friends.

  55. Thank you Svetlana Ivanova for this beautiful post.

    Most males love to submit to women in a way or another, and there are much more men who love strap on sex than women. I think pegging should be one of the normal sexual life of partners. I love the pic.

    I agree with Ms Kelli on inviting her friend because pegging is as normal as vaginal penetration. I just wonder why some women find this abnormal. When we call the male who submits by names, such as sissy or slave, we inadvertently go against promoting the lifestyle. Of course the woman who does her man is in control of him and she should be so; so there is no need for humiliation because it is not something humble that she be in control and he submits. I’d love to have a woman who loves pegging so much, but only because she loves being the penetrator and in control.


  56. i bend over 1 tranny hooker from wahiawa an was so tight an good

  57. hey there…. I’ve created a website for guys and girls who like to play with strapons. The website is called Social Pegging. The url is Come check us out.

  58. My wife and i where trying to spice things up a bit she was searching the web and found this. I am the kinda guy that cant knock it till i try it but still the thought was in my head…Isnt this kinda gay..But she said i do it her so whats the big deal so we went to a adult store got a strap-on and plug and when we got home i reread the article and did what it said two days later we tried i t..OMG it was amazing her on top of me thrusting was the biggest turn on ever and the orgasm was just amazing…Dudes if ur reading this anal sex is not gay and u will also be surprised how much it improves ur connection with your woman..its been 2 months now and since then our sex life is so much better…Thanks for this wonderful article…BTW 6 inch 1.75 is the way so go…lol

  59. Thanks for sharing your experience. Men who haven’t tried this are missing out on some amazing sensations and great sex, not to mention the closer connection with their partners. The reason that the connection improves is that each partner gets a better perspective on how the other feels during sex.

    I know that fear of being considered “gay” is one thing that holds men back from trying bend over boyfriend, but it’s a misplaced fear. If a man won’t try anal sex because gay men do it, he also shouldn’t want oral sex because gay men do that, too. That point is that it’s not what you do, it’s whom you do it with that determines your sexual orientation. If you’re attracted to and have sex with women, you’re not gay, regardless of what sex acts you perform with them.

  60. I totally agree. But it seems there are much more men into strapon sex than there are women. I hope more women get into that.


  61. im thinking of letting my girlfriend fuck me in my asshole. she done already stuck her finger in i like it till she got ruff with it. i even tried putting my own dick in my ass i got to da hole it felt ok but i stop damn i want her to fuck me. cuase she got this phat ass dat i want to grab when she do it.

  62. Missionary position with you on your back would be perfect.

  63. i have been using dildos in my ass for years. finally had my first strap-on experience and i loved it. i don’t like alot of the strap on movies because they always have the man suck the strap-on kind of indicating a desire to suck dick. i love pussy and have no desire to suck a dick. but i love the feel of a dildo in my ass. that does not extend to having sex with a man. cant wait until my next strap-on. looking for bigger strap on attachments similar to the suction type…12 inches or more… question…can the suction type be used with a harness? I currently have a vaculoc harness they don’t seem to have very large attachments

  64. be shure to make him wear a pad after he will be loose and open back there what goes in comes out and not alway when you want it. lube comes out like cum on a girl does dont want him to be messy back there later

  65. I didn’t think I would like “pegging” my man because I really like it when he is in control. I love when he is the aggressor and puts me in my place (while having sex that is). But we decided to give it a try and OMG!!! the feeling of being in control was amazing! I mean I really loved it! After a couple times pegging my man, who is a very masculine man btw, I told him that I was going to “do” him how I would like to be done (lol) and I told him that I wanted him to take it how he would like me to take it when he does me. Let’s just say things got very kinky! I totally was the aggressor and he was my little slut (his own words). This has worked wonders for us. He is more sensitive to my needs and I feel like we are just closer than ever before. Guys don’t feel like less of a man if your girl wants to do this with you. In my eyes you are more of a man because you are willing to give up control and that takes a real man to do that. Happy pegging everyone:)

  66. Another success story! Try it. You’ll like it :).

  67. Love this! Yay! The boytoy and I love our anal play and your blogs have been great. I love using a strapon but we want a little more. In some of the pornos we’ve watched the dildo ejaculated and it was a lot! We’ve searched but the ones we’ve found barely ejaculate and its slow. The one in the video really shoots! We want that!!! Any suggestions? Thanks!

  68. I don’t remember ever seeing a dildo like that, though it sounds like fun. Remember that porn uses tricks during filming sometimes to make the videos more entertaining. What you’re looking for may not actually exist.

  69. I’ve done this to my boyfriend several time, but didn’t realize the name for it. This past week he had a very stressful week and I wanted to allow him a release from all of the tension and this seemed like the perfect way to accomplish that. It’s been a while since we’ve done this and I decided to use a glass dildo that was curved and fairly thick. I blindfolded him, gagged him, and restrained him on his back with his ass elevated. I also used some nipple clamps and a ball stretcher type cock ring. I wanted him to really have the feeling of being a submissive. I started very slowly and worked the dildo into him. I really tried to get him to get lost in the moment by calling him my slut and telling him to give into his mistress and take it. His cock was rock hard and I lightly teased it with my tongue while really giving his ass a workout. I warned him that he was not to cum until his mistress allowed him to do so……it was great! I wanted him to feel as if he would explode and then give the control of his orgasm over to me…….I wanted him to beg for release and he did. We both had a great time!

  70. I bet he released a lot of “stress” during that session :).

  71. Oh, the question isn’t how to get your boyfriend to let you fuck his ass–it’s how to get your wife to consider fucking your ass.

  72. Thanks for sharing the story of your adventure, Mary. There’s nothing more exciting or hotter than a beautiful woman such as yourself or Svetlana taking charge and totally dominating her partner (without being asked to do so). As Archie noted, many men are reluctant to share our naughtier or more unusual fantasies, but what an amazing thing it would be if we were all more open to explore them (literally and figuratively!)

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  74. fantastic

  75. I had sex with my wife with a prostrate massager inside it was a fantastic sex I had I try that every time possible, have a practice of using prostrate massager or butt plug by self then have intercourse with it inside great feeling!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. I am a straight man and being taken by a woman wearing a strap-on dildo is my fantasy and fondest sexual desire. I am still a virgin like that, though, because my wife has a total aversion to sex toys. Fortunately though she is as attracted to my bottom as to my penis so she gives me plenty of good loving with her mouth (analingus) and well-lubricated fingers. I have always taken pleasure in being anally stimulated and penetrated, either by myself or by women. It is incredibly pleasurable, both physically and emotionally. I simply must have it to be happy and sexually gratified.

    I want to say a couple of things that the article doesn’t stress. First, about the process of anal penetration: it goes a whole lot better for both partners if the receiver has recently had a bowel movement and a few enemas to rinse out the rectum. Just flush out a few times until the water comes out clear and there will be no mess or embarrassment. I also like how it relaxes the sphincter muscles and starts stimulating the prostate, arousing my bottom and making me feel receptive.

    Second, foreplay is usually called for. Most times the receiver doesn’t want a dildo inserted right away, just like most women don’t want to go straight to intercourse. Besides all the kissing and hugging and so on, you want to prepare the guy’s anus. Analingus is wonderful. But anal fingering is essential, with lots of lubricant. Tease him and have a lot of sexy talk as you slowly insert one finger and eventually two or maybe more. Make circular movements to relax his anus and when you have two fingers inside spread them apart. Using a dildo in your hand is good before you move on to the strap-on. Start with a slender shaft the first time, so you can both learn your way.

    My fantasy is being taken from behind, doggie-style, with me on my knees and face down as the woman presses the tip of her strap-on dildo to my anus. That’s how my wife and I usually play. The feeling of surrender and vulnerability is exquisite. It reinforces the role reversal aspect, which I love.

    Female-on-male anal is to this decade what oral sex was to the 1970s–it’s entering the mainstream. Stereotypes and hangups are falling away as both sexes realize how good it is. It may not be for everyone, but those who like the idea should go for it.

  77. Though not my criteria in any way in choosing a partner, on any level whether casual or serious (I don’t do one night stands, which tell the person they were simply temporary entertainment-if even that-and not worth knowing as a person afterwards; if nothing else, I make clear if we are good enough to sleep together, we should at least be friends after-before the fact). I have been hopefull that other aspects in my personality would attract similar traits in dating and such-as sex-or rather intimacy-is extremely important to me, but vital that it is mutually desired-and intimacy, commitment and trust are 3 major qualities which need be displayed and appreciated by both partners-and also one reason I am secretly and strongly attracted to pegging, but would never simply look just for a physical experience, as it would provide little to no satisfaction. Sadly the only person I dated for very long-and mistakenly doing so, as she turned out to be a rather shallow person who was very abusive and selfish-and the experience of pegging, brought up when I believed she cared but needed to see more proof still of my own commitment-was rather horrible, as even with other fun toys to add to her own pleasure, she had no interest in even acting like she cared-I would have felt more fulfilled and such in every way had I paid someone for the experience and knew the only reason they were there was for money, as at least I would only have the one moment of weakness rather than 3 years of wasted investment and humiliation since I worked hard all that time to prove myself while she never bothered to commit in the first place, even as she guilted me like crazy about an engagement ring-in the end after standing by her through some of the worst treatment I have ever seen, she couldnt even be a friend-which would have cost nothing.
    Since all this, I thought a few times that it would be nice to find an activity partner to help one another out-even just in giving us a fun thought to look forward to or to get the mind off the bad spots and remain positive, and would even settle for someone more online than real meet, but I seem to be cursed in that I still want someone who likes me for who I am-and the best I have seen yet is being a fill in when others arent available-which, by the way, does nothing for my confidence not to mention any attraction towards that person who can’t even act deeper than a mud puddle, lol-I see no passion in selfishness/greed, yet much of the time that is what I am faced with, as well as like 30+ guys for each woman…as women can find any number of men, and usually choose the loudest and least respectful one, for whatever reason, and a decent and honest guy can go years without even gettiing a response from anyone-so I dont think there will be any ladies hurting for partners who will left them try out or indulge in pegging, but think more women should be informed of the benefits and pleasure it can bring both partners-or however many are involved, as nice guys like myself would appreciate a good chance at sharing some truly hot and sincere passion as well-and a good many of us are well overdue-and would likely surprise the hell outta most women since it would be a giant compliment to be noticed and chosen from the mountain of attention most women get-where do you think the passion there could go if these ladies have only known the stereotypical guy with little regard for anyone elses pleasure and likely think 2 pumps is more than they need to offer before rolling over to sleep…ugh-just biding my time for when someone wakes up and realizes that they have been complaining about men only wantiing sex and usually still leaving them wanting while also being inconsiderate and disrespectful-all legit complaints, but not of all men-since there are guys out there who are nearly fitting your ‘ideal’ guy’s traits like a well tailored suit, and quite often they are passed right by-in favor of the exact opposite. It’s their choice, but why mis-state the traits they are looking for? My only question is-do many people at all look belorw the surface these days-bc those who do, consistently, need to have an exclusive club to support one another since it gets rather tiresome feeling the few ways my value measured by the world at large are all dealing with the income I make-as by itself it says nothing of me as a person or my abiltie, ambition, or even my personality; a person is a person and I want to know the vast details of individuals, and appreciate them-flaws and all, as we all have them-whether in a relationship, a mutually beneficial fling, FWB, or simply friends-I might find another opportunity to truly enjoy pegging and many other adventures if I come across anyone of similar mind-and I hope we find one another soon, as I could use some good company and comfortable/supportive/positive/fun/enlightening/genuine/etc conversation and more if its in the cards…

  78. i wont my wife to do it to me but i dont knw how to ask her

  79. Love to try with my hubby

  80. u crazy ass bitches what the fucks wrong with u i broke up with my girlfriend when she told me she wants to do that shit i freaked the fuck out i mean what kind of pleasure can a woman possibly get from this ????

  81. I Just love females pegging me ,but how can i find a lady with same id is I am male want to have lesb sex with females ,so pls contact me ,I am from India.

  82. B slow and gentleat first but submissive and dominate at the end. No betr sexual feeln

  83. […] Advice How to Bend Over Your Boyfriend and Make Him Like It The Ultimate Sex […]

  84. yes i love a great peg use lots of lube , face up and my wife gives me a hand job and i cum so hard and soo mush, she understand i will allways cum more we she hits my g spot. so she is not worried about when we have reg sex that i do not cum or hard as a peg Fu. just something to talk about she might not think she is enough since you do not cum as hard or mush with a non peg.

  85. Four days ago, the love of my life inserted her fingers into me while pleasuring me. She’s done it before, and it felt ok, wasn’t a big fan of it, but it felt really good this time. Something drove me to ask her to insert her dildo into me. She tried for a bit but I couldn’t take it. After she left to work that entire area was begging for her to return and just take me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Caught me off guard! When she got home I asked her to strap me down, the thought of her dominating me turned me on. And I don’t think I could have taken it if I was tied down. I told her not to stop no matter what, even if I begged. She was very concerned if I was ok through the entire process. Used a lot of lube, it was very different experience and mostly painful. What I really enjoyed was the experience of her having total control and the act. Her tightening the straps and pulling my legs apart, gently pushing it inside me. Once she got going she got a little more rough, which I also strangely enjoyed. It was hurting and as I tried to pull myself up and away, she just started pushing it into me harder. Like I said physically it was mostly painful and I felt really confused being heterosexual and what I just begged her to do to me. Plus my butt hurt, so I told her no more of that. Well, since then as I’ve relived the experience, I am ready to try it again. I really like her being in control, but maybe she would enjoy it more with a strap on? We love each other completely and do whatever the other wants. So I’m not sure how much she actually enjoyed it other than doing what I wanted her to. I want her to feel the power if have the control and thrust. Big turn on for me, I didn’t know this was so common til I just ready the article. Thank you

  86. A strap-on would definitely make it more enjoyable for her and probably for you as well. It would seem more of a role reversal.

  87. Hello! Yeah since then I went and bought a strap on that has an insert able piece for her as well, unfortunately it doesn’t stay in her. But damn! It is really hard to take! We spent all last weekend trying to make it happen, I think we got it in all the way once or twice. It really hurts! I think the role reversal is more of a fantasy, but we are about to try some more tonight while the kids are out. It is a big fanatasy/turn on for her to take me like that! I should have bought something a little smaller to start with, but I thought if I’m going to do this, I AM GOING TO DO THIS! It will happen more, I’ve become her little slut now, or I’m trying to :-)

  88. Yes, I advised getting something more on the small-to-average sized to start with, but since you’re already used to the big one…

  89. I should’ve listened to your advise cuz I don’t know that I can keep trying on this one. I’m bigger than all of her toys, so we may need to try one of the others for a bit first? I thought I wanted to try to take something comparable to me, but, OUCH! I think we will get there eventually? It is a goal/fantasy for me to take what she can give me ;) it really has been fun though just for the fact that we can be so open with each other, eye opening to what she goes through if nothing else and will make me a better companion all in all.

  90. Hi! Last night we finally did it all the way! It was amazing! First I made her cum for a while by being inside her. Then I got on my stomach and she just really took her time making sure I was OK as she slowly entered me little by little so I could adjust to something being in there. After she got in all the way, it was still a little painful, but quite a turn on as she moved her hips into me. After I was brave enough, I got into my hands and knees. Then she started to stroke me, even though I could not get erect while she was inside of me for some reason, it felt good. Our strap on has a vibrator, after a while I just couldn’t take anymore and had to jump off. It was a great experience. Plus she recorded it and we watched it this morning. Thank for this webpage, this has been a total different and wonderful experience for me!

  91. That’s great! Many men would enjoy anal pleasure, but as you found out, it does have to be done right. I’m glad you got to experience what good anal sex can be.

  92. Thank you Svelet, sorry if I mis spelled that :-( yes I have! And believe me, I would have never thought that a few weeks ago. I see a lot of people on the internet questioning if it’s homosexual. Well, my perspective is I am not attracted to makes at all, but my hot loved girlfriend having this control of me and seeing her wearing it is an incredible turn on. I feel very comfortable telling her anything and I don’t feel “gay” about this one bit. I think it has been wonderful. She didn’t really have an opinion, but as soon as I reached back and “touched her” with my fingers, she exploded soaking the bed! So I think she enjoyed it more than she even knew. Thank you again for this site!

  93. Hello, I have been posting into your bend over boyfriend web page as BOB for several days now.
    I have been searching and trying to find good reviews on different style of strap ons. I would like to find one that inserts into her as well. Vibrating is almost essential for both of us. I have looked at feeldoes, share by fun factory, injoyous. All strapless strap ons. It sounds like a harness is necessary for any of those to work. It is difficult to find good honest and informative reviews. The best I’ve read about for one of those is the joque from spare parts. Do you have any recommendations for something I can get the would also be in her while she does this? I would like her to have “incentive” to push into me and for her to receive pleasure physically during this playtime. Vibrating action really is a plus in anything we get. Any opinion would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    I tried emailing you at the address you provide on this page, but does not seem to work?

  94. You might like this Feeldoe.

  95. Bend over boyfriend and pegging are both terms i just found for something ive been doing for 10 years now. Never knew it was a thing before i just knew i loved making love to my boyfriends ass.

  96. Can you get aids ?

  97. I so wish my wife would strapon a cock and make me suck it . I would love to be pegged by her. I often imagine myself laying there while i wear her bra and panties and she forces me to suck her off. How can i get a fully vanilla women into this . ?

  98. You probably can’t all at once. You will have to try to move along step by step.

  99. I’m dying to become a bob!! Plz help plz.

  100. The article has all the information you need.

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