Husband Tells How His Wife Took His Anal Virginity

At The Virginity Project, a husband tell how his wife took his anal virginity. What did it feel like the first time?

I put my arms back and got lost in the music, which was pounding and loud.  The pushing returned but this time I did not resist.  Slowly, slowly, the dildo pressed in and then all of a sudden it just slid forward.

I moaned and gasped, ‘Ohmygod.’

‘Mmmm,’ she said, ‘Here’s some more.’

With that, she pushed in even further.  Another ‘Ohmygod’ from me.  Then the thrusting began.  ‘Keep with me,’ she said.  I did, mimicking what she’d done for me hundreds of times before – bucking my hips in rhythm to meet her thrusts.  I couldn’t believe it. Read more

Why I Agreed to Be a Bend-Over Boyfriend

Anonymous at AlterNet explains why he agreed to be a bend-over boyfriend and what the experience was like. His first time didn’t go that well, but the second…

The first time my girlfriend fucked me in the ass it was with a small purple strap-on dildo that her ex-girlfriend had shipped from Ohio. Like any lady should before taking her man’s anal virginity, my girlfriend took me for a night on the town beforehand. Walking home, after dinner and a long stop at a bar, we decided it was about time I made good on an earlier promise to let her screw me for a change.

Butt sex wasn’t my idea. As far as anal is concerned, I’m not exactly a connoisseur. That goes for giving as well as receiving. Read more

A Couple’s Guide to Male Anal Pleasure

bendoverboyfriendAnal pleasure is not for everyone, but many more could be enjoying it, than do. For a man, he can discover the extraordinary sensations of prostate-based orgasms without ejaculation, the ultimate anal pleasure, or he can enjoy anal pleasure simply to enhance his ejaculatory orgasms. Once they discover the pleasure of anal play most men never look back. Here are my top five posts on male anal pleasure. Continue reading

How to Talk to a Reluctant Partner about Pegging

Over on the Orgasm Army forums, a reader asks for advice on how to talk to a reluctant partner about the issue of strap-ons and Bend Over Boyfriend or pegging. Here is one response:

Well, I can’t speak from personal experience as my wife was amazingly understanding about it. I think you need to talk it through calmly – the usual objections are a) it means your gay or b) its dirty both of which can be dispelled fairly easily. I reckon you need to arm yourself with the arguments against both these points before you tackle the matter again.

As for the gay thing (a common silly comment made on forums when pegging is brought up) I point out that linking types of sexual stimulation to sexual orientation leads to so pretty silly suggestions – for example if a girl likes receiving oral then she is a closet lesbian or if a man likes doing his girl doggy style then he is really attracted to dogs and sheep :-)

The ‘it’s dirty’ thing is something she may need to read about on the web. Some people are convinced that you will end up covered in s#!t but, with only modest care this is completely untrue. If it help I should say that my wife is a doctor and would not indulge in anything that was a problem from this point of view and I have a routine that ensures I’m really clean and ready to go in about 10 minutes.

If she is worried that she will get nothing out of it then you should look at dildos like the feeldoe as this certainly can provide enough stimulation for the wearer to orgasm. Read more

Why Do Some Couples Enjoy Bend Over Boyfriend?

bendoverboyfriendBend Over Boyfriend (BOB) or pegging means that a woman uses a strap-on dildo to penetrate her male partner anally. Why do some couples enjoy Bend Over Boyfriend? There are many reasons for practicing this sex activity, but the most common one is that Bend Over Boyfriend allows a man to receive anal pleasure. More and more men are becoming interested in anal pleasure and comfortable with the idea of letting their female partners take control in bed. Continue reading

How to Bend Over Your Boyfriend and Make Him Like It

While it still remains taboo in some circles, heterosexual anal sex seems to be gaining in popularity, and some couples are even exploring male anal penetration by the female partner, a sexual practice known as Bend Over Boyfriend (BOB) or pegging. These days more and more men are becoming interested in anal pleasure and comfortable with the idea of letting their female partners take control in bed. Continue reading

The Bend Over Boyfriend Test

Anal penetration is the only way to stimulate the prostate, the male equivalent of the G-spot. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located just in front of the rectal wall a few inches inside the rectum. To find it, feel the front wall of the anus (toward your partner’s belly button). My post Prostate Massage for the Ultimate Male Orgasm explains how to use your fingers to give your man an intense orgasm through anal play, but penetrating him with a strap-on can take the experience to another level.

The phenomenon of women penetrating their male partners has spawned a successful video series called Bend Over Boyfriend. Are you ready to take the next step in your sexual relationship? Is he? Find out by taking the “Bend Over Boyfriend Test, which has questions for both women and men. Take the test.