Mr. Perfect Made Easy: 23 Ways to Be the Man She Wants

Tip 4: No polyester sheets. Easy enough, right? Sarah Miller tells Men’s Health readers what else women want.

1. You can put down the weights and the protein shakes. You might want us to be perfect looking; we simply want you not to be fat.

2. Replace all of those hideous size-extra-large T-shirts with something that actually sort of fits. We think you might be a medium.

3. Never allow anyone who listens to baseball on the radio to cut your hair.

4. Purchase sheets that don’t contain polyester and that are white. Read more

The Best Ways to Compliment a Woman in Bed

It would seem to be common sense that complimenting a woman in bed would make her more eager to please, but it doesn’t seem to be to many men. Flattery between the sheets could be just the aphrodisiac your woman needs to turn her into a naughty vixen.  Isabella Snow gives men several sexy compliments they can use in bed, the best time to use them, and for the truly clueless, she even explains why women would appreciate each compliment.

Compliments just aren’t as commonplace as they used to be. It’s really a shame, considering how receptive the average woman is to hearing them. Flattery is a great big plus in the eyes of any female, provided it sounds genuine. And if a man is willing to explore this arena in the bedroom, it can do wonders for his (and her) sex life.

The following phrases are sure to inspire; just be sure to mix them up once in a while. We don’t want to diminish their potency, nor do we want you to rely too heavily on any particular compliment. And don’t worry; this doesn’t require line memorization or rehearsal. The key is to keep it short, sweet and sincere. Read more

Hunks Get More Sex, but There’s a Price to Pay

Hunks may be able to attract women by rippling their muscles, but all that He-Man brawn comes at a biological cost, finds a new study.

Skinny men have new reason to celebrate. Well, kind of. Beefcakes may be able to attract women by rippling their muscles, but the downside of all that brawn is a poor immune system and an increased appetite, a new study finds.

Such evolutionary costs could explain why males of our species do not all look like He-Man, according to William Lassek, an evolutionary psychologist at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who led the new study. “In some respects I was surprised at how big the costs were… something I hadn’t anticipated,” he says. Read more

How to Initiate Morning Sex

According to a research from Queen’s University in Belfast, a good morning session at least three times a week, decreases the risk of heart attack or stroke by half and a regular session improves circulation, thereby reducing blood pressure. Unlike late night sex – which is not only expected but rather ordinary – getting it on in the morning is exciting and exhilarating.  Morning sex could mean the difference between a good day and a great day.

However, your wife or girlfriend,  who typically does not peak sexually in the morning hours like you do, may not feel very sexy when she first wakes up. Sarah Stefanson gives some tips on how to get her in the mood.

One of the many differences between the sexuality of men and women is that men tend to enjoy morning sex, while women mostly prefer to keep bedroom activity reserved for nighttime. This probably has a lot to do with what is referred to as nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), which causes a man without erectile dysfunction to have three to five erections as he sleeps. NPT is more commonly referred to as “morning wood” or “morning glory.” Whatever you call it, waking up with an erection is as good a reason as any to initiate a little early action. Unfortunately, your girl may not be in the mood the minute she opens her eyes, but if you approach it properly she will very quickly be just as into morning sex as you are.

Prepare the night before

In order to avoid having to get out of bed in the morning before initiating your early lovin’ you should do some preparation the night before. Read more

Magical Aphrodisiacs

Looking for an aphrodisiac to seduce your lover? Caitlin MacKenna lists the best aphrodisac foods for each astrological sign.

… An ancient tradition of sexual magic and practice is the custom of feeding your partner certain foods imbued with aphrodisiac properties that will arouse his or her passions. Aphrodisiac foods are ruled by the stars and exert a more potent effect if the correct foods are served to the person whose astrological sun sign agrees with the foods concerned. Thus by complying with the laws of astrology a witch can gain better results from his or her actions.

Here is a list of the most suitable aphrodisiac foods for the various astrological signs: Read more

How to Get More Nookie

The Other Man tells how he gets more nookie from his tired, stressed-out girlfriend. What woman wouldn’t put out after this?

The woman has had a hard week, the boss has been riding her and in this economy you really can’t push back or your out the door. Maybe she stays home, takes care of the kid, laundry, dishes, cleaning, want me to go on? No, you’ve learned your lesson about that already! Anyway, the point is she needs a little pampering. Yes, you’ve been working hard also and need a little nookie time. So, at the end of the night why don’t you give her a massage. Strip her down and have her lay her stomach. Read more

Tricks to Arouse Any Woman’s Passion, Anytime, Anywhere

Is it best to avoid turning a woman off, or to work on turning her on? Not surprisingly, doing both is best. Lauren Murrow at Men’s Health tells how to turn a woman on and avoid turning her off.

You may think that as long as you don’t do anything to turn her off, you’ll be fine.Or maybe you take the approach of doing everything possible to try to turn her on.

Turns out your best strategy is to do both. New research on female arousal says avoiding her turnoffs is just as important as hitting her hot spots.

It sounds like a lot of work, but the payoff is worth it. Read up on how to play both sides. Then reap the rewards. Read more