Mr. Perfect Made Easy: 23 Ways to Be the Man She Wants

Tip 4: No polyester sheets. Easy enough, right? Sarah Miller tells Men’s Health readers what else women want.

1. You can put down the weights and the protein shakes. You might want us to be perfect looking; we simply want you not to be fat.

2. Replace all of those hideous size-extra-large T-shirts with something that actually sort of fits. We think you might be a medium.

3. Never allow anyone who listens to baseball on the radio to cut your hair.

4. Purchase sheets that don’t contain polyester and that are white. Read more

3 Responses

  1. I must be getting old, most of these seem like old revelations to me.

    Bodybuilding is to guys as high fashion is to women. Beyond a minimal point it is mostly for the person’s own ego or to impress other members of the same sex.
    I used to be seriously into lifting weights in college. I just stay slim and fit these days. I ‘ve gotten a lot more mileage with women with my sense of humor, keeping a current haircut and a good wardrobe than I did when I was muscular/bulky.

  2. In my opinion, men build muscles primarily to impress other men, just as women dress primarily to impress other women.

  3. Svetlana,

    That is what I was trying to say, you just put it more clearly and briefly :)

    I actually enjoyed the process and only stopped lifting because I got some bad injuries.

    I think most clothing for men doesn’t flatter larger bodybuilding types. I guess it balances out. I hear similar complaints from women with large chests.

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