The Best Ways to Compliment a Woman in Bed

It would seem to be common sense that complimenting a woman in bed would make her more eager to please, but it doesn’t seem to be to many men. Flattery between the sheets could be just the aphrodisiac your woman needs to turn her into a naughty vixen.  Isabella Snow gives men several sexy compliments they can use in bed, the best time to use them, and for the truly clueless, she even explains why women would appreciate each compliment.

Compliments just aren’t as commonplace as they used to be. It’s really a shame, considering how receptive the average woman is to hearing them. Flattery is a great big plus in the eyes of any female, provided it sounds genuine. And if a man is willing to explore this arena in the bedroom, it can do wonders for his (and her) sex life.

The following phrases are sure to inspire; just be sure to mix them up once in a while. We don’t want to diminish their potency, nor do we want you to rely too heavily on any particular compliment. And don’t worry; this doesn’t require line memorization or rehearsal. The key is to keep it short, sweet and sincere. Read more

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  2. I would not only need a link, but it would have to be very clear that I am the author. This blog moved to its own domain almost four years ago, and the link needs to be from the current location, not from this website.

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