How Long Is the Ideal Penis?

Penis size may be the single greatest cause of anxiety among men. Worrying about your penis size can lead to relationship problems, avoiding sex or relationships, erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation. Studies of penis size show the average erect penis ranges from 5 to 7 inches. Is that enough to satisfy the average woman? To find out, almost 40,000 women were asked, “How long is the ideal penis?”

The fewest number of women preferred short penises. Only 3% of women preferred penises measuring 3-4 inches. The next smallest group of women (5%) thought 4-5 inches was the ideal length. The next smallest percentages were 6% for women who preferred large penises of 8-9 inches and the same percentage of women liking them even longer. Then there is a big jump to 20% of women who think 7-8 inches is ideal. Women who thought the ideal penis was 5-6 inches came in next at 24%. The winner in the ideal penis length survey was 6-7 inches being the perfect size for 36% of women.

What does this survey tell us? First off, really large penises of 8 inches or more are not that popular with women. Only 1 out of 8 women likes them extra large. On the other hand, really short penises are even less popular. Only 1 in 12 women would be satisfied with a penis measuring less than 5 inches. Penises measuring in the average range of 5-7 inches satisfy the majority of women–60%. That’s the good news for the average-sized guy. The bad news is that about 1 out of 3 (32%) do prefer larger than average penises of more than 7 inches.

So what’s a guy to do? If you’re average, that’s going to be just fine for about 2 out of 3 women, and with the others, you can make up for it in other ways. My post Two Sex Positions That Make Your Man’s Penis Feel Bigger tells how changing positions can make your penis feel longer and thicker inside her. Tease Her to Please Her tells how to tease and please a woman by SLOWLY increasing physical stimulation, thereby creating almost unbearable sexual desire and tension. The Friction Zone technique stimulates the clitoris with the friction and pressure from the upper pubic region (the area right above the pubic bone), making penis size almost irrelevant.

If you begin a night of lovemaking with the Tease Her to Please Her technique, followed by the Friction Zone technique, you are guaranteed to leave your woman satisfied and happy at the end of the night. Then whatever your penis size is will be ideal to her.

Are you really happy with your penis size? Just six minutes per day for a few short weeks can make your penis much longer, thicker, and healthier and give you permanent gains, which you can enjoy for the rest of your life. To find out more about the secrets behind these breathtaking new techniques, click here.

16 Responses

  1. “Only 1 in 12 women would be satisfied with a penis measuring less than 5 inches”

    I’m 4.5 inches! And yet you say, “you can make up for it in other ways”

    You gotta think small guys know CAT and how to use their mouths and hands, and STILL 1 out of 12!

    My God. Will no woman tell me truth to my face?

  2. The statistic refers to preferring the penis only and doesn’t consider the man it ‘belongs to. Also, I wish I could play the lottery with 1 in 12 odds. Do you know or can you meet twelve single women? The chances are that at least one of them prefers a small penis. Finding her may not be easy, but it’s possible.

  3. You yourself admit you would not stay with a small guy even if he was a “nice” guy.

    1 in 12 lottery? OMG! I know this study and its ironic you use it. Statistical anomalies in the range of 5% is in actuality, nearly non-existent.

    The same study shows that women who are attaractive place a large importance on size where women less attractive place LESS importance.

    Attractive women get attractive normal penis size nice guys

    Less attractive, most likely co-dependent women SETTLE for small penis men who may or may not be attractive, but who know better that this woman is the best they can do.

    Sounds crass and bitter? Reality.

  4. You’re a tiresome crank. I did not “admit” that I would not stay with a nice guy who was small. I said I liked big penises sexually, but, as I have stated on my blog and to you, there is no reason a man with a small penis cannot be a good lover.

    Why are you so obsessed with badgering me to “confirm” your fixation that women reject you solely because of your small penis? What then? Where do you go from there? What would the “admission” you’re so desperately seeking, justify?

  5. I need to know for sure. You say a small penis can be a “good” lover. What does that say?

    Just like all these “experts” you perpetuate the myth. Its the meat not the motion, but if you have A LOT of motion and use the oral and hand techniques normal guys do, you can be just like them and women will adore you as much.

    But with every other bit of advice you clearly expose the contradiction. And then get “tired” when asked to clarify.

    I don’t know who this guy is, but the Penis Size Debate guy’s site, though vulgar at times is spot on.

    If Size Matters, then how can it suddenly not just my doing (I guess my only) positions? If only 1 in 12 women would find my size pleasing, then how can you say its EASY for me to find her? I’m sure you can get 12 dates and be a perfect person to each (as you said, women don’t have to be good in bed), but thats just not realistic.

    Sure go ahead and say my “Obsession” is what makes it worse. Right, as if me being Ghandi would make my penis suddenly normal size or change women’s primal preference. If when I was 16 ONE woman would have set me straight, I would have either killed myself then or would not have wasted all this time and embarrassment and become a monk or hermit.

    There are 2 truths here. Size matters (not from 6-7, but <5), and either women are somehow wired to be willing to forego PIV pleasure or they are not. You, and your “expert” friends, and every GF I ever had are too unwilling to be unpopular to say the truth. If its the best news of my life, then why is it so hard to phrase in a non-vague, ambiguous, and non-contradictory way?

  6. “making penis size almost irrelevant.”…”Then whatever your penis size is will be ideal to her.”
    “On the other hand, really short penises are even less popular. Only 1 in 12 women would be satisfied with a penis measuring less than 5 inches. ”

    I’m 4.5 inches long and by 4.5 inches around!!!!!!!

    Seriously how can you say this and not feel guilty? !!! “If its the best news of my life, then why is it so hard to phrase in a non-vague, non-ambiguous, and non-contradictory way?”

  7. ” I wish I could play the lottery with 1 in 12 odds. Do you know or can you meet twelve single women? The chances are that at least one of them prefers a small penis. Finding her may not be easy, but it’s possible.”

    How else can I interpret this? “Yup, you’re really limited, but keep looking!”

    Come on. Are you really gonna leave me interpreting? Why not just say it!

  8. […] Inch to Your Penis Naturally Posted on January 1, 2009 by Svetlana Ivanova Even though only one out of three women prefer penises seven inches or longer, many men consider a big penis the key to happiness . In fact, one man with a small penis angrily […]

  9. […] a big penis because  it can be uncomfortable or downright painful!  Since I’m among the one in three women who does enjoy sex with a big penis, I’ll explain […]

  10. Don’t mind Ron. He’s pretty screwed up and can’t understand the concept of working harder to make up for what he wasn’t born with.

    I’m long and a bit on the thin side. I’m tired of girls complaining about hitting the cervix. If I could trade away some of my length for girth, I would indeed do it!

    Good article!

  11. If you’d read all of Ron’s comments to various posts, you’d see that “screwed up” doesn’t even begin to describe him. He’s banned from commenting and on my email blacklist.

  12. Dear Sveta,
    I only recently found your site and I have learned more from your blog than probably any other single source in my 47 years. Thank you for providing such a tremendous service. I have always wanted to be the best possible lover and now I have a resource that can really help me.

    Re: Ron I think it’s funny and ironic that someone with such a small penis can be such a big dick. That guys issues go much deeper than his penis ever will.

  13. Re: Ron I couldn’t have put it better myself. BTW, my blog has moved to it own domain: about six months ago. All of my new artticles are posted there only.

  14. Matt and Mike can blow each other. You are either of normal size and are happy as shit you don’t have small cock therefore feel so superior and can think yourselves more evolved. Or you have an even less impressive member and are siding with her to make yourselves feel better. either way, you (as the numbers play out) are probably not satisfying your women (IF you can get laid… BIG IF) as well as I do.

    I just wanted an honest answer to the question. I know I do well, very well with what I have and what I do. I won’t beleaguer the point you and she so obtusely missed. On other articles fellas with more brains than you two idiots agreed Ms S. was perpetuating BS.

  15. Since you were mentioned by name in reader comments, I lifted my ban and approved your reply. Otherwise, you are still banned from commenting, due to your hateful, belligerent attitude (which you just displayed again in your most recent comment).

  16. Hi Svetlana,
    You stated here that about 1 in 12 women would be satisfied with a penis of less than 5 inches. Isn’t it curious that, studies have shown, about 1 in 12 men actually have a penis of 5 inches or less?

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