25 Fun Things to Do with a Woman

The first step to getting a woman to have sex with you  is to get her to enjoy being with you. As Paul Joannides, author of The Guide to Getting It On!, “Quit looking for sexy and look for fun instead—and you’ll end up having more sex.” Chris Connolly at Men’s Health suggests 25 fun things you can do with a woman. For example:

Take Her Shopping

. . . but you pick the clothes

Men don’t hate shopping because of the money. It’s the sitting on the boyfriend couch at Ann Taylor that we don’t like. But what guy wouldn’t be enthused about a mall trip if he knew that every 2 minutes a beautiful woman would pop by to model a sexy outfit he’d selected? If you agree to buy, she’ll agree to model. Read more

One Response

  1. i have tried to ge tmy boyfriend to enjoy the clothes i wear or pick them out; he doesnt care because he dsays they will not stay onlong anyways lol.

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