Why Women Fake It

Men’s Fitness claims a woman’s inability to orgasm is due to two reasons. (Spoilt describes how faking orgasm feels for a woman.) Typically, both reasons lay the blame on the woman for her inability to orgasm and not on the more likely culprit – her selfish or clueless male partner.

Our recent sex poll found that up to 80% of women have trouble achieving an orgasm. What gives? Most likely, there’s one of two reasons she may not be having as much fun as she claims to be. Fix ’em — and you’ll both benefit. Read more

Advice from the Llama Sutra

Dan Copulsky and Kat Corcoran give advice on sex, from sex toys to faking orgasm.

What is the best way to broach the possibility of toy play with your mate?

Sex columnist Dan Savage encourages people to bring up kinks as perks rather than things that have to be tolerated. And toys aren’t particularly weird, as far as kinks go. Read more

How to Tell If She’s Faking It

Alex Allman explains how to tell if your girlfriend or wife is “faking it” in bed. Pay particular attention to his explanation of why we fake it.

How to Make Sure She Never Fakes Her Orgasms with You

The famous scene in When Harry Met Sally demonstrates how easy it is for a woman to fake an orgasm. So, can a man really tell if his lover is faking? David Van Arrick at the The Singles Cafe answers a reader’s question on the topic: “How do you know that a woman is orgasming (I mean 100% sure)?”

As she gets closer and closer her vaginal muscles will tense more and more. Her mental focus will be on the source of sexual stimulation, her extraneous body movements may decrease or increase (usually decrease) her eyes will close, her face and chest will flush, the muscles around her vaginal opening will clench tighter and tighter.

The muscles in her abdomen, pelvis, hips and thighs will tense, her back will arch and she may thrust her hips forward toward the source of the stimulation, and finally usually right before she climaxes there will be what I call ” the calm before the storm” just before she goes over the edge of climax she will completely freeze up this may last anywhere from one to five seconds after which all of her muscles spontaneously relax and she becomes lost in wave after wave of orgasmic release. Read more