The 7 Sex Moves Men Love Most

To many men, any sex is good sex (since they get so little), but more experienced men know that there’s sex, and then there’s great sex. These seven sex moves are guaranteed to thrill even the most sexually experienced man (and make him eager to please you in return).

Men joke that any sex is good sex — and they’re not entirely kidding. They’re biologically designed to be gratified in bed more quickly and easily than we are. But when pressed, almost every man will admit that sometimes sex is better than good. Certain sex moves drive them crazy in the best possible way. Women who know these moves hold the kind of power over men that inspires great art, novels and films. And you don’t have to be lithe or athletic to perfect them. In fact, they’re ridiculously easy to learn.

The seven techniques here are guaranteed to thrill him — and make him eager to please you in return. The couples who’ve tried them can attest to that. Read more

12 Sex Secrets Women Wish Men Knew

Men’s Health scoured the latest studies, grilled dozens of experts, and polled more than 700 women to come up with this list of 12 sex secrets women wish men knew. For example, did you know about the A-spot?

The G-Spot Has Friends. Find Them
You’re goal-oriented. Good. But the G-spot and the clitoris aren’t the only bull’s-eyes. “The most recent anatomical research suggests that the clitoris is perhaps better described as the ‘clitoral complex,’ where the vagina, urethra, and clitoris all function as a unit rather than as individual parts,” explains Kinsey Institute researcher and Men’s Health columnist Debby Herbenick, Ph. D.

Try working that clitoral complex by hitting multiple hot spots at once. Some researchers believe there’s something called an A-spot, located far inside the vagina on the side closest to her belly button. “Stroke this spot and she’ll lubricate almost instantly,” Cox says. “Put one lubed finger into her vagina as far as it will comfortably go. Use the whole length of your finger to explore the front wall of her vagina.”

Now triple the sensation: Stick both index and middle finger inside her, and stick out your thumb like you’re hitchhiking. It’ll pull your fingers more snugly against her vaginal walls, stimulating both A-spot and G-spot simultaneously. Then use your thumb to also stimulate her clitoris, and gently twist your hand. Read more

7 Smooth Moves for Great Sex

There’s a big difference between having sex and having good sex. Men’s Health reveals seven smooth moves to put the finishing touches to the best sex you’ll ever have.

Where should I put my hands when we kiss?
There is a natural magnetism that pulls your hands towards her breasts. This is perfectly understandable, but a schoolboy error. Rein yourself in. It’s too soon. So where should your hands go? Not on her shoulders – unless you want her to feel as though she’s kissing her gran. And not her butt, either. That’s just too lecherous. Rather slow down. Scout out the territory. While your mouths play, gently put one hand on her cheek, as if you want to check that she’s for real. Rest the other lightly on her knee.

How do I undress while sitting or lying?
It’s a dilemma: how do you get from clothed to naked when you’re sitting or lying down without giving an impromptu contortionist’s performance? Read more

10 Must-Know Sex Secrets for Men

Sexpert Sarah Gibson offers ten sex must-know sex secrets for men to keep their women satisfied, not only on Valentine’s Day, but any day of the year.

Just in time for that hot night of loving you have planned for Valentines, we’ve put together the top ten must-know secrets for guys to keep their gals satisfied.

1. It’s safer at the shallow end. What I mean by this is that, evidence suggests, the outer third of the vagina is the most sensitive, so deep thrusting isn’t essential – at least not for her! Instead, try ‘dipping’ the tip of your member in and out of her vagina.  Read more

8 Sex Tips for Men Who Sleep with Women

Nana Darkoa at Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Women gives eight sex tips for men who sleep with women. Though all women are different, I think any woman would appreciate a man who followed these  tips.

… Hmmm, where do I start when it comes to giving sex tips to men who have sex with women? I guess it is always a good idea to start with the personal so I shall share what has worked best for me and what I know to be true…


Here are my top tips for men – based on my personal preferences, all women are different :) Read more

Tingly Sex: 8 Ways to Increase Sexual Sensations

FOX Sexpert Yvonne K. Fulbright describes eight ways to increase sensations during sex.

Tingly sex. Journalists are always asking sexologists how lovers can increase sensations in the sack. I had never thought about it till I was asked how to have it. For this particular interview, I needed to be all about tingle.

Sure, lovers can get totally tingly at the prospect of having sex or being touched in just the right way. But how does one increase that thrilling sensation when sexually intimate? After giving it some thought, it turns out that there are tons of ways to deliver more tingle … Read more

4 Maximum Sexual Pleasure Techniques

Sex therapist Jennifer Pulaski reveals how to control ejaculation, last as long as you want with your partner in bed, and enjoy ecstatic erotic pleasure – and maybe multiple orgasms.

1. Relax your abdominal muscles

When you make love, do not tense your abdominal muscles. Deliberately relax them. You can practice relaxing and tensing your abdominal muscles when you are not having sex. This helps you get used to what it feels like for your ab muscles to be completely relaxed. Read more