100 Things about Me Sexually

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I got the idea for doing this post from Wendy Blackheart’s list posted at her blog Heart Full of Black. I agree with her that it’s not easy to make a list like this, so, if you think some of the entries are lame, try making one yourself.

  1. I started having sex when I was 15,
  2. But it wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I really started experimenting.
  3. That’s when I first had anal sex,
  4. And my first MFM threesome.
  5. I’ve slept in the nude off and on since I was a teenager.
  6. When I don’t, I wear panties.
  7. I go commando sometimes, but not very often.
  8. Same thing with going braless – once in awhile, but not very often.
  9. I feel really sexy wearing stiletto heels,
  10. But I don’t wear them often enough for them to be really comfortable.
  11. I love going naked,
  12. But I don’t like clothed people staring at me when I am.
  13. And the problem with nudist clubs and resorts is that they tend to be full of old people.
  14. The most exquisite sensation of sexual intercourse is when the head first pushes past the lips into your vagina.
  15. The most exquisite sensation in anal sex is when he pulls out and then slides back in the first time.
  16. The in-stroke is intensely sensual.
  17. I usually can’t feel it when a man ejaculates into my vagina,
  18. Though I can always feel him shoot into my anus.
  19. My favorite vaginal sex position is the Pelvic Slide.
  20. My second favorite is missionary with raised legs.
  21. My favorite anal sex position is lying on my back.
  22. My second favorite is lying on my stomach with my hips raised a little on a pillow.
  23. I’m pinned down, so I just relax and let him do me.
  24. I hate professional porn,
  25. Though I like some amateur porn.
  26. When it doesn’t try to imitate professional porn.
  27. For one thing, I don’t get “cumshots.”
  28. If a man pulled out of me and started jacking off, I’d kick him out of bed.
  29. Nothing is more exciting to me than the moment when a man’s penis stiffens and his balls tighten during fellatio,
  30. Except maybe feeling his semen shooting and splashing inside my mouth.
  31. Swallowing has always seemed to me like the natural conclusion to sucking a penis.
  32. It’s my reward for a job well done.
  33. I can’t help it, but a man who shoots a big load seems to be more of a stud to me than a man who shoots a small one.
  34. I like thick, creamy semen better than thin, watery semen.
  35. I know the reasoning behind semen retention in Tantra,
  36. But I feel cheated when a man doesn’t ejaculate during sex.
  37. Deep throating a penis while I lick his scrotum is a power trip,
  38. And irrumatio isn’t just pleasurable for the man either.
  39. Lying back and letting a man slide is penis in and out of your throat can be very sensual.
  40. I enjoy the sensation of having something large stretch and fill my vagina.
  41. My orgasms are more intense when my vagina is filled to capacity. .
  42. That’s why I love being fisted.
  43. Vaginally, not anally.
  44. MFM threesomes are as intense as it gets sexually.
  45. I love double penetration,
  46. Though I haven’t been double penetrated as often as I’d like to have been,
  47. Because arranging an MFM threesome isn’t as easy as you’d think.
  48. Using a sex toy for double penetration is just not as exciting as two penises.
  49. I’ve never had all three holes filled at once.
  50. I’ve never had an FMF threesome,
  51. And I don’t want to if I’m expected to have sex with the other female.
  52. I’ve watched other women having sex,
  53. But I’ve never wanted to have sex with them myself.
  54. I could tongue kiss another woman.
  55. In fact, I have.
  56. And she was a good kisser, but it was sensual, not sexual.
  57. I could even play with another woman’s breasts,
  58. Though it would feel weird to have small, soft hands playing with mine.
  59. But I could never touch another woman’s vagina.
  60. And don’t even mention going down on another woman.
  61. Since I don’t have one, penises fascinate me.
  62. I especially love thick penises that expand my vaginal walls and rub against my G-spot.
  63. Long, thin penises can be the worst of both worlds.
  64. They can bump your cervix, which sometimes hurts,
  65. And they don’t fill you up the way a thick penis does.
  66. Pegging or Bend Over Boyfriend is my new favorite sex act,
  67. Though I wish I could feel with a dildo what a man feels with his penis.
  68. I’d like to know what that sensation feels like.
  69. So far, I’m batting a thousand  persuading boyfriends to bend over,
  70. Though two at-bats don’t make a season.
  71. I love it when a man ejaculates from anal stimulation without any penile stimulation.
  72. It’s like female ejaculation.
  73. It’s not supposed to be possible.
  74. It still kind of freaks me out when I squirt.
  75. I enjoy rough sex, but not too rough.
  76. I’m not really very kinky.
  77. Though I had sex on South Beach once.
  78. Pegging and threesomes aren’t kinky, are they?
  79. The best thing I ever did for myself sexually was to follow a program of PC muscle exercises.
  80. I know my strong PC muscles are the reason I have orgasms with intercourse.
  81. And the look on a man’s face as I milk his penis with my vaginal muscles is priceless.
  82. Men love the vaginal squeeze even better than deep throat.
  83. I don’t have sexual dreams very often,
  84. Or at least not dreams that I recognize as sexual.
  85. I’ve never been sexually assaulted,
  86. Though I’ve done things sexually that I didn’t really want to do at the time or with that particular man.
  87. But that’s just part of life.
  88. You go along to get along sometimes.
  89. Since high school, my longest sexual dry spell has been six weeks.
  90. I can always get laid if I want to,
  91. Though not necessarily laid well.
  92. It took a while before I could tell the difference.
  93. A woman doesn’t have to be skilled at sex.
  94. Being willing and enthusiastic is enough for most men.
  95. Even now, I’m still proud of myself when a man climaxes during sex with me.
  96. Is there any bigger disappointment than when your partner can’t get an erection?
  97. It’s even worse than premature ejaculation.
  98. At least then you get to enjoy the moment of penetration.
  99. Nowadays, I’d rather have no sex at all than bad sex,
  100. But lately I haven’t had to make that choice.

63 Responses

  1. reading what u have doen sexual was really nice . very good blog

  2. I’m not sure if some of those count.. it’s like a long sentenced numbered paragraph..

  3. I think they do count because each clause adds more information, and no sentence is more than three clauses long.

  4. I can’t feel when men ejaculate inside of me either. I thought it was the condom, but I had some no condom sex and still couldn’t tell. I feel bad trying to figure out if they came yet or if I should keep going, lol.

    Great list! I love seeing people writing these! They are hard, but very fun. :)

  5. Thanks for the compliment on the list. I used yours to give me an idea of what I might include, but it ended up quite a bit different from yours – not only in content, but in style.

  6. I am trying to convince my partner into anal and a threesome (MFM ideally as I want her to enjoy two penises at once but I’ll take a FMF) and the advice you give is fantastic. I only wish I had of met someone like you when I was single for some first hand advice!

  7. Thanks, G Man. I may eventually do a post on how to persuade your female partner to try an MFM threesome even though I wasn’t exactly “persuaded” my first time.

  8. I always tell my girl “I’m going to come” just before I do. The act of telling her makes me hold off even longer and she gets very aroused from the prospect.

  9. You sound like an incredible lover. Whoever has the honor of enjoying you in bed must be a very lucky man.

    We found nos. 85 – 88 to be quite interesting. Recently, we came across some other bloggers who insisted that scenario was sexual assualt whether the “victim” knew it or not. They were incredulous when we suggested there was a difference between rape and reluctant consensual sex, so it’s nice to come across another female blogger who feels the same way we do.

  10. As I said in response to a comment on my post about the incident, “I didn’t think of it as rape because of who was involved, the situation, and the role of alcohol, but I was definitely disrespected.”

  11. #45 endears me to you completely

  12. i cum once during reading ur 100 , with my finger

  13. hi.. im interested in sex very much..im watching lot of xxx films.and i liked ur article about very much.. if u hv any xxx films pls send..

  14. Vikas, I guess you didn’t read my blog’s FAQ.

  15. Hi Fozia
    All 100 things were really arousing and erotic but ur one sentence
    “i cum once during reading ur 100 , with my finger”
    made me CUM too
    i visited ur website to contact u but no link there how can i contact u
    my email addreses r
    waiting for reply
    urs silent admirer

  16. Fozia
    i loved ur pics especially ur feet pics lol
    ur feet even r so cute and…………………..i cant comment more here

  17. #93 & 94: Don’t kid yourself there. An experienced and talented man is going to deeply appreciate a woman who has learned to be as good at sex as he is, and yes, many men will talk down about previous lovers.

    “She was enthusiastic” when stated with a shrug that reveals just how unenthusiastic he was about her lack of skill is as bad as hearing “She just laid there.” And yes, good lovers talk about past lovers.

    How else do you think a woman gets to find out that lover #3 had a neat trick with her tongue, or #5 squirted and he thought it was amazingly hot?

    Far better to be an awesome lover and be one of the ones that he tells someone else about when listing the 5 best lovers, than to be labeled as “enthusiastic.”

  18. You are so HOT!!!!

  19. Hiya u seem a hot babe. Very informative web blog. How do u feel about interacial sex? Have u ever tried interacial sex before ( viz black on white fun!).



  20. I have tried interracial sex. I just never thought to mention it. I learned the Friction Zone Technique from a black lover.

  21. I like your list.
    I love being anally penetrated by my wife. Lately, I’ve been taking her hand and it has felt absolutely incredible. I have orgasms, but without ejaculation. My penis doesn’t even stay hard. The orgasms move up my spine and release. Very beautiful.

  22. It’s too bad more men aren’t as open to exploring their sexual potential as you are, Ben. They would get a lot more out of sex if they were.


  24. […] 100 things about this girl’s sex life. (sexsecrets) […]

  25. “And the look on a man’s face as I milk his penis with my vaginal muscles is priceless.”

    There is such a thing as a natural woman; and you are her:)

  26. what’s so bad about cumshots? why would you kick a man out of bed if he pulled out and did it? the fact that so many men love cumshots should tell you there’s nothing degenerate about it

  27. I’ll bet no man in the history of the world ever voluntarily pulled out of his woman’s vagina and masturbated to climax until seeing it in porn. Men’s natural instinct is to thrust deeper to ejaculate, not to pull out. “Cumshots” also cheat a woman of the thrill and satisfaction of bringing her man to orgasm.

  28. I can never find a woman that’ll let me penetrate her anally. What do I have to do? How do I talk her into it? Your sex life is amazing.

  29. Try the suggestions in How to Make Her Want Anal Sex.

  30. i´’s funny after several points I coudn’t read anymore. I don’t wanna go where you have gone. The trip is always personal . that goes tooo. for couples.

  31. i don’t know what to say for you
    very full life i think you didn’t found any time to any thing but sex
    hope you can find all pleasure in all your life

  32. Though sex is not that time-consuming since I don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for it, it’s just one of the many pleasures I enjoy.

  33. Very nice, as a male believe me, we naad all the help we can get regarding pleaseing women

  34. I love your site. it really helped.. good tips and lots more. If someday you visit aruba.before april 30 let me know.. Maybe my girl and I can be yor vacation friends and show you @. beautiful Island

  35. Thanks. I’m not planning an Arruba trip, but it’s nice to know that I would have friends there if I did.

  36. i want u sexy gril

  37. A quick message to let you know how much I love your site! Amazing! I discovered it while looking for sites and info on pegging and now I pop back in every chance I get. Thanks to you I am even interested in trying anal sex again as well. As soon as I am able to find a willing partner such as the types you
    have so obviously been fortunate enough to explore with. I 100% fully agree with #90 & #91…maybe someday. *sigh*

    I look forward to my continued reading and and ‘education’ here….



  38. Thanks, Mia. Don’t let a few bad experiences put you off anal sex completely. If you’re lucky enough to find a man who knows enough about anal sex to not try to just push it in and pound away, give it another try. It may not be “amazing” the first time, but neither is vaginal sex for a lot of women.

    I think most women would say #90 and #91 are true, which is why women are not as eager to hop into bed as men are. And a lot of men would say the opposite: that they find it difficult to get laid – though they always at least have an orgasm when they do – which is why #93 and #94 are true. It’s a vicious cycle

  39. […] ABOUT ME I have always been fascinated by sex and relationships. My blog is where I share advice, experiences, and news about the always fascinating topic of sex. I detail my sexual history and preferences in my post 100 Things about Me Sexually. […]

  40. #93 You’re right….but it sure is nice when they do. LOL

  41. Really enjoyed your blog. Pliz get in touch, pliz!!

  42. send me your e-mail address and let’s talk

  43. I find listing very fun to do so I try it myself! Only 20 though, and sorry, it’s quite boring… I am probably totally the opposite of Svetlana in terms of sexual experiences…

    1. I LOVE sex.
    2. I don’t like porn; it’s disgusting. In fact, anything that degrades women and/or portrays women as sluts who want to be ** all the time disgusts me.
    3. I LOVE giving oral, but only if she smells nice. OK, or if I feel very horny. I love to see her body’s reactions and listen to her moans. When giving it, from that particular angle seeing her breasts going up and down and arching her back… what a sight. Pleasing a woman is my biggest turn-on.
    4. I’ve never received an oral and never will. For some reason I just don’t like the idea: to me it’s degrading women. I know people will disagree, but that’s how I feel. Not to mention asking her to swallow the semen. Yuck. Even I myself don’t like that stuff in my mouth! No offense, sorry.
    5. I love to see women in nude, but in artistic ways, not porn. In fact, according to my parents’ account, I learned to appreciate beautiful nude women since I was less than 6 months old.
    6. I would love to try anal sex, but a bit afraid of the possible mess. If she is against it I’m ok without that too.
    7. Heard about “double-penetration,” very curious, especially about how women would feel physically. But it probably will stay in fantasy only forever.
    8. I don’t like super-sized breasts. Moderate size like little cups is sexier.
    9. When I see a pretty woman, after seeing her face, the first body part that attracts me is her legs. Especially calves. Have you noticed that if a woman has beautiful calves, chances are she has a great body figure?
    10. In my opinion, pleasing yourself is the way to know your own body.
    11. Bad smell is a big turn-off to me.
    12. I hate wearing a condom. Will you feel anything if you’re in a raincoat when you touch someone?
    13. I think a woman’s personality can influence her physical beauty, at least to some degree. A woman can become more attractive with her charming personality. A pretty woman can become ugly and be a turn-off with her sour personality.
    14. I LOVE to see a woman climax—especially when she tries to hold it but can’t.
    15. I kind of like entering from behind, but if she doesn’t feel comfortable doing it I’m ok too.
    16. I LOVE to hear a woman moans, gasps, sighs, pants, even cries…until she climaxes! But I don’t like it if she exaggerates and screams.
    17. I LOVE to see a woman when she’s really into it; the way she squirms, arches her back, moves her body, pushing and pulling her hips with the rhythm, struggles when climax, and totally paralyzed after that. That’s the main dish.
    18. After her climax, feeling the rhythmic vaginal contractions pulsing on me is SO HOT!
    19. I had my first kiss when I was almost 30—with my newly-wedded wife.
    20. Yes, my first sexual experience was when I was almost 30 too.

  44. i got a big 8 inches and its thick i would love to put it inside you sweetheart its like a horses penis is what my last girl friend said after we had sex.

  45. wow, you’re really skanky. Sex at 15 plus what followed. Dad issues u need to fill with tons of men or what?
    Good tips on sex though.

  46. Clearly one of the most provocative instances of erotic monologue on the world wide web. The most salient feature is that the material is informed by reasoned argumentation. It is the clever amalgamation of smut and intellect, so brilliantly interwoven, that charms the erotic mind.

    Godfrey Silas

  47. Be sure to also read the list that inspired mine and the list mine inspired.

  48. You are Great Iva.
    God bless you

  49. “A woman doesn’t have to be skilled at sex.”

    “Being willing and enthusiastic is enough for most men.”

    I have to correct you on this one. Its only true for guys that have trouble geting any. The ones that are used to/ dont have the same trouble – can very much tell the difference and will say some women outright SUCK in bed.

  50. True, but a lot of men have trouble getting any. That’s why they call it “getting lucky.”

  51. so r u happy????

  52. Yes.

  53. You sound like a cheap slut dying for attention by random people online. OOh I love cum…what thee fuck. All these online guys just want you nowwwwww aw yeahhhh I bet they’re hotties too!

  54. What’s wrong with you?

  55. Wow ur sexxxii wana fuc

  56. How NOT to get laid.

  57. Haha, no kidding. It always blows my mind what idiots guys will act like online, like they never tried to imagine how stupid the same words sound in real life. And then they wonder why more women aren’t open about their sexuality.

  58. IMO, how people act online is their true self exposed.

  59. Yeah, I believe that.

  60. hi i like to be BOB for u i,m still virgin tight asshole, u should tie me well then to choose yr largest strapon for me. do U?

  61. You aren’t my boyfriend. Grow up.

  62. Wow, I wish all hot women were more open and willing for sex. It can be a real hassle chasing women when some prick tease and fake. I’d probably be sexing all day every day if I had my way. I lust over women everywhere I go, in the street, in shops, at work, on tv. I like all shapes and sizes and get quite a lot of attention from women but not nearly enough sex. If I don’t get laid often I’m masturbating several times a day. I think I must have a lot of seed to shoot out. I’d love a really dirty cum slut and we could satisfy each others needs but I can never find one woman that can handle so much sex. Until then I’ll just have to keep on sexing lots of women.

  63. The fact that you consider women who enjoy sex to be :dirty cum sluts” may partly explain why you haven’t found a suitable partner yet.

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