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It’s time to change your bookmarks, feeds, and links.This blog has moved again – for the final time, I hope. After starting at Blogger in April 2007 and moving to in October of that same year, Sex Secrets finally has its own domain. The new url is, and the new feed is I hope to see you there.

Coitus Interruptus Erroneous: Pulling Out Actually Works

Withdrawal is one of the oldest forms of birth control. We’ve been taught that coitus interruptus is not effective. However, new research shows that it could be as effective as using a condom if done correctly.

Coitus interruptus, withdrawal, pulling out, raw dog. Of all the names ascribed to the intimate act that is a man removing his penis from his partner’s vagina before orgasm, the terminology that best encapsulates the public’s perception of it is “Pull and Pray.” As in, pull out and pray you don’t have a baby. As a form of birth control, the method is largely regarded as ill-thought out — the last resort of hasty teenagers with access to the family car and several cans of beer. In short, it doesn’t work. Except that it probably does.

A recent study conducted by Rachel Jones, senior research associate at the Guttmacher Institute, asserts that research shows the withdrawal method is almost as effective as condoms when used correctly. Read more

Lindsay Lohan TOPLESS on Twitter (NSFW Photo)

lLindsay Lohan shares a topless self-portrait at Twitter. Is this a desperate diversionary tactic or just the typical celebrity shameless bid for attention?

Perhaps in an attempt to divert attention from the alleged jewel heist at her London photo shoot, Lindsay Lohan tweeted a topless self-portrait of herself early this morning.

Maybe she should have stopped with last year’s Marilyn Monroe spread in New York Magazine. NSFW Photo

ESPN The Magazine to Go Nude

ESPN The Magazine has announced its Body Issue, featuring professional, amateur, and Olympic athletes posing in the nude. Since more men participate in sports than women, the models should be more than 50% male, but given the magazine’s demographics, I’m betting that the percentages will go the other way.

In attempt to lure some looky-loos away from the annual Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue feeding frenzy, ESPN The Magazine announced today that it will publish an annual ‘Body Issue,’ which will feature pro, amateur and Olympic athletes posing in the nude. Read more

6 Ridiculous Sex Myths (That Are Actually True) reveals which six “ridiculous” sex myths are actually true.

The only thing more awesome than an urban legend turning out to be true is if that same legend involves some sort of nefarious sex or groin related hilarity.

Luckily, all of these qualify.

#6. Digit Ratio Theory

The Legend:

“Dude, I can totally tell he’s gay! Look at his fingers!”

This sounds like one of those playground urban myths that adolescent males use as an excuse to punch each other. Supposedly, comparing the size of your index and ring fingers can tell whether a guy is destined to one day make out with Sulu and Andy Dick in a poorly lit alley in Hollywood.

Yeah, right. Enough of your ignorant homophobia!

The Truth: Read more

Erotic “Daggering” Dance Causing Broken Penises

A new erotic dance called daggering is thought to be responible for a number of broken penises in Jamaica.

An erotic dance craze is thought to be the cause of a recent spate of broken penises in Jamaica, and now faces a government crackdown.

“Daggering”, a lewd dance style where couples simulate dry sex in various positions to the beat of the music, is characterised by over-the-top gyrating, heavy pelvis-thrusting and daredevil leaps.

Many couples have taken the “rough” daggering dance from the club to the bedroom, with disastrous consequences. Read more

Why Do Women Have Breasts?

Why do women have breasts?Non-lactating breasts are unique to humans.  Evolution-X says they were able to evolve because women are gatherers and not hunters, but that doesn’t explain why they did evolve.

… Our ancestors were hunters, who survived principally from eating other animals. With other hunter species, like dogs, cats, and stoats, the adult females hunt, unless perhaps they are heavily pregnant or tending young offspring. Hunting is difficult enough without udders, and so the hampering effect of udders is minimised – they only grow them when lactating. Herbivorous herd beasts like cows, sheep, and deer must be able to escape predators by running faster than their neighbours in the herd, and so one with useless udders is just asking to be eaten. Most mammals rely on speed to escape being eaten, so even solitary herbivores would be badly advised to grow udders until the proper time.

Humans, however, are importantly different, in that they do not rely mainly on speed to escape predation. Few animals will attack a group of humans, and humans will use group tactics, fire, weapons, missiles, and the like to defend themselves. Any animal powerful enough to bring down an animal as big as a grown woman, can out-run her so easily that speed of foot is not the issue. Human females gather food in groups, and in parts of the world where this is dangerous, tribes post armed teenage boys, and the occasional older man, to guard them. Much of their time they spend in camps, in the presence of fire, and very few animals will venture there. Human females, therefore, paid a much smaller price for developing udders than other animals, during their evolution. Very few women in the Pleistocene of child-bearing age would have been lost to predators. They were free to be hampered by non-lactating breasts.

In other words, division of labour made nulliparous breasts possible. Our ancestral fathers behaved like carnivores, and needed to be able to run and jump freely to hunt, and our ancestral mothers behaved more like herbivores, harvesting in groups. A nullipara is a female who has not yet borne children. It is an interesting quirk of our culture that we all know the word virgin, but few know nullipara

The above explains how it could have been possible for non-lactating breasts to evolve, but it still falls a long way short of saying why they actually did evolve. Read more