Erotic “Daggering” Dance Causing Broken Penises

A new erotic dance called daggering is thought to be responible for a number of broken penises in Jamaica.

An erotic dance craze is thought to be the cause of a recent spate of broken penises in Jamaica, and now faces a government crackdown.

“Daggering”, a lewd dance style where couples simulate dry sex in various positions to the beat of the music, is characterised by over-the-top gyrating, heavy pelvis-thrusting and daredevil leaps.

Many couples have taken the “rough” daggering dance from the club to the bedroom, with disastrous consequences. Read more

One Response

  1. Daggering eh, thanks for giving me a heads up, now i can find a word to describe it when girls gyrate on my dick.

    I’ll be a bit smart next time and actually penetrate using lube and probably sex toys. This way if anything goes wrong my penis won’t fracture!

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