5 Bizarre Sex Tips

Nicole McEwen reveals five things that DON’T turn her on. Me either (except number three sometimes).

Women have sex in lots of ways… with strange partners, strange toys and in strange settings.

Here are 5 sex acts that may rev some women’s engines, but leave mine stalled:

Wearing furries is a perfectly natural sex activity. Call me crazy, but I’ve never had any fantasies about knocking boots with a Bengal tiger, hooting owl or grizzly bear. Though if a sexed-up bear tried to get in my pants, I just may seduce him long enough to skin his hide and make myself a nifty vest. Read more

8 (Mildly) Bizarre Sex Tips

The next time you find yourself bored with the missionary position, these eight sex tips ought to give you some new ideas for creative and even (mildly) bizarre sex.

Perhaps you’ve grown tired of the same old routine in bed. Now you and your girl want to try a bunch of unmentionable things in the bedroom.

If you’re fresh out of new ideas, why not give the following a try? Read more