What’s It Like to Have a Penis?

Probably every woman has wondered what it’s like to have a penis. At Good Vibrations Magazine, John Thursday reveals the true penis story.

What’s it like to have a penis? I get asked that a lot, and not always by women.

There’s no single answer. My relationship with my dangling self, like all healthy relationships, has evolved over time. We have grown and changed together, staying up late, swapping stories.

I must say it is undeniably fun to have a penis. It’s like walking around with your own amusement park ride.

But the relationship is not entirely fluid. Having survived 34 years so far I can attest to three distinct phases; and so, three distinct rides. Read more

One Response

  1. Good stuff….I really like this blog…very interesting and original topics.

    I must say, having a penis can either be a love or hate relationship, depending on how big it is, and how it behaves.

    If it is small, or ejaculates prematurely, or has difficulty becoming erect, then without a doubt a man would hate his “dangling self”.

    Meanwhile if he’s hung, and can provide great sexual pleasure with his powerful, fully functioning self, then he would without a doubt have a great relationship with his penis….I fall more under this category (more, and more by the day)

    Yesterday I wrote on my conversion from a sexual nobody to Mr. Manpower…pass by and let me know your thoughts:

    “Mr. Manpower’s Sexual Superpowers”

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