The Art of Doing a Woman

Dr. Patti Taylor chats with Daka Raj at Expanded Lovemaking about the art of doing a woman. “Doing,” which is the  act of giving someone genital pleasure, can be used to take a woman to the heights of prolonged ecstasy, felt in the body, mind, heart, and spirit of both the giver and receiver. Discover why Dr. Patti has found this to be such a rewarding lifelong practice. This program is chock full of specific details. Learn about positions, and what to do to get a woman engorged. Why this is so important? Find out more about finding “her favorite spot” and staying on it. Learn why continuity is so essential, and how to know when to keep doing the same stroke vs. making changes. Find out what to do with your bottom hand, too. Listen

2 Responses

  1. how can i get the sex secrets video?

  2. There is no Sex Secrets video – at least not one related to this blog.

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