The Art of Taking a Woman over the Edge

Hear Dr. Patti Taylor continue her chat with Daka Raj about the art of doing a woman. “Doing,” which is the  act of giving someone genital pleasure, can be used to take a woman to the heights of prolonged ecstasy, felt in the body, mind, heart, and spirit of both the giver and receiver. We begin with considering ways to stay “in the flow” of the date, and what to do when the giver starts wondering, “what’s next?”

Dr. Patti and Daka Raj consider ways to bring a woman into higher states of pleasure, until a giver chooses to take her over orgasmic edges. Learn what strokes you might try to accomplish this! Find out what to do once you’ve brought a woman over the orgasmic edge to keep her there. And, discover the fun there is to be had on the “downside” or aftermath of a do date. Listen

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