5 Public Sex Positions

When the urge hits, and you don’t have time to make it back indoors before the clothes are off, Jasmine Leigh suggests some sex positions to use, depending on the location.

Public space is there for all to utilize, so it is your duty as a responsible citizen to make good use of these areas. Summer is a great time for getting your gear off in the great outdoors and making the most of the warmth, and what better way to do that then with public sex positions like the ones listed below?

Pig in a Blanket

Locale: Best suited to public parks and beaches. Read more

Jada Pinkett Smith Gives Sex Advice

Jada Pinkett Smith, who is married to actor Will Smith, advises couples to spice up their sex lives by making love in cars or at work.

Jada Pinkett Smith says having sex at a friend’s house keeps relationships alive.

The actress, who is married to Will Smith, also suggests couples can revive their flagging love lives by getting intimate in their cars or workplaces. Read more

How to Have More Sex

Want to have more sex? Who doesn’t? Men’s Health lists ten common obstacles, ranging from endless bickering to a houseful of kids, and how to overcome them and have more fun.

Nearly everyone wants more sex—men and women. So why isn’t it happening more often?

There are hundreds of reasons. But Men’s Health surveyed 1,000 women and combed through the latest research to narrow down the list to the ones you see on the left.

You’ll find most of the constraints of modern society—time demands, distractions, stress, energy levels.

Recognize any from your life? Click on them and find out how you and your partner can overcome those obstacles—and get back to having more fun! Read more

Lindsay Lohan TOPLESS on Twitter (NSFW Photo)

lLindsay Lohan shares a topless self-portrait at Twitter. Is this a desperate diversionary tactic or just the typical celebrity shameless bid for attention?

Perhaps in an attempt to divert attention from the alleged jewel heist at her London photo shoot, Lindsay Lohan tweeted a topless self-portrait of herself early this morning.

Maybe she should have stopped with last year’s Marilyn Monroe spread in New York Magazine. NSFW Photo

Can You Please Your Female Partner with a Small Penis?

A reader asks Dan and Jennifer, “How can I please my male or female partner even though I have a small penis?” Their answer is good concerning how to please your female partner if you have a small penis, but concerning how to please her with a small penis – not so much. For more about that, click  here and here.

How to Break Out of Your Stale Sex Routine

When sex becomes routine, sex stops. Jasmine Leigh at AskMen.com tells how to get it started again.

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, the passion can ebb for the simple reason that you both know exactly what’s coming. It could be the best and dirtiest sex anyone has ever had, but it doesn’t matter: it’s the same as it was last time. It doesn’t mean you care any less about your partner, or find them any less sexually attractive, it just means you need to break the spell of sameness, and break out of your stale sex routine.

Admitting it’s time to change your stale sex routine
Acknowledging that a change is needed is the first step in your recovery from a stale sex routine. Read more

Faking Orgasms: How It Feels for a Woman

Every woman’s been there. After his several unsuccessful attempts at the Big O, it’s obvious that it’s just not going to happen. To get out of the situation without chafing and numbness (and save him embarrassment), many women resort to faking an orgasm just to get it over with. Spoilt describes how it feels for a woman.

Writing about orgasms is easy, especially about the ways and means orgasms don’t happen or why people have issues having orgasms. Lucrezia Magazine has given me the chance to put up an article about orgasms, that can be read here.

Articles like that don’t develop from thin air.

Faking orgasms is a part of my feminine life. It happens sometimes, and while I grew up thinking it was only a female thing, probably due to the common portrayals of faking in television and film, I never stopped to consider men, and how men can fake. But I don’t know how it feels when men fake orgasms, so I can only share how it feels when I do it. Read more