Can You Please Your Female Partner with a Small Penis?

A reader asks Dan and Jennifer, “How can I please my male or female partner even though I have a small penis?” Their answer is good concerning how to please your female partner if you have a small penis, but concerning how to please her with a small penis – not so much. For more about that, click  here and here.

2 Responses

  1. Doggystyle would probably get the deepest I think for a smaller sized man…also the coital alignment technique might still be possible.

    I wrote a blog on this very topic, take a look:

    “Sex Positions for a Man with a Small Penis “

  2. Missionary~! Except my legs have to be back. My best lover ever was “Smaller”! I love sex with smaller men if they go farther to give attention during sex. Specifically; really good oral, oral with a finger, or oral and a toy for foreplay so I can come before sex (or anything random like this – to shock me and make me want it) then after I am aroused and lost in the moment – make love really really hard at the end (I definitely get off a second time). It feels very mischievous – different – wonderful. My feet are on his biceps or over his shoulders when he finishes. Legs way up, stretching exercises. Get him to rub out your feet and legs first. It will make you want it deeper and he will like that.

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