The Clitoris Is Your Friend!

Sexpert Sarah Gibson explains the basics about the clitoris and clitoral stimulation.

These days thanks to the internet, sex education and… erm… movies, most guys know the whereabouts of the clitoris. But you just have to listen to Lily Allen’s latest track to realise that not everyone knows what to do with it! Below are some things that every man should know along with some tips for giving her the big O.

The Basics

Most of you will already be familiar with this but just in case… the clitoris is the female equivalent to the male penis. It has an abundance of nerve endings that make it the most erotically sensitive part of a woman’s body. For most women direct clitoral stimulation is the only way they will achieve orgasm. The clitoris increases in size and becomes ‘erect’ during sexual excitement – remind you of anything? But unlike the penis, after orgasm if stimulation is resumed multiple orgasms are possible.

Show and Tell

To make life more difficult for you, women differ in the way they like their clitoris to be stimulated! Read more

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