Secretary Accidentally Bites Off Boss’s Penis

This poor woman. A van backs into the car where she is giving oral sex to her boss, causing her to bite off his penis. Making the situation even worse, an investigator hired by her husband to catch her cheating witnessed the whole incident and was the one who called the ambulance. Now both her boss and her husband are going to be mad at her.

A secretary accidentally bit off the penis of her employer while giving him oral sex in a car.

Sin Chew Daily and China Press reported yesterday that while the 30-year-old woman was performing oral sex on the man, the car was hit by a reversing van.

The impact of the crash, China Press reported, caused the woman to bite off her lover’s organ. Read more

4 Responses

  1. I wonder about the veracity of this story because how could she scream if her mouth was full? :). Seriously!

  2. Maybe her boss wasn’t that well-endowed.

  3. Life imitating art: ‘The World According to Garp’.

  4. Why hire a secretary then? lol

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