30 of the World’s Best Foreplay Tips

Maya Silverman , author of The Erotic Massage Guide, has collected thirty of the world’s best foreplay tips. For example, here’s one from Greece that most men don’t seem to know: “The skin underneath a woman’s breast is very sensitive to a loving kiss and nibble.”

Hand’s up – those of you who thought foreplay was just that ‘Before Play’, i.e. not the real deal. Many of us rush through foreplay with a few kisses, gropes and fumbles – if you’re lucky! 15 minutes later it’s all over and it’s the rush to orgasm and roll over.

If you are one of  those people, then you could be missing a whole chuck of the seduction, arousal, and climax process. Getting foreplay right – makes the journey more fun, the pleasure more intense – and orgasm – well – just MIND BLOWING. If you want to be an expert, or atleast the desire to ‘fake’ expert lover status, now’s the time to get your notebook out.

Discover 30 of the word’s best tips.. Read more

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