What Can Stop Colds, Coronaries, and Diabetes? SEX!

What can stop colds, coronaries, and diabetes? Sex!  A survey by the American Association Of Retired Persons revealed that almost half of over-50s who described their health as excellent or very good had intercourse at least once a week.

A healthy sex drive will leave you peaking in more ways than one. People who have a lot of nookie experience health benefits which can leave them in much better physical form than those who don’t. Sex can help fight flab, ward off colds and make you live longer. Jennifer Bass, of sex research centre The Kinsey Institute, says: “There is definitely a correlation between health and sex. If you are healthier, you are going to have more sex. “Making love provides a cardiovascular workout and floods the body with feel-good chemicals.” Here Jane Symons shows how a little – or even quite a lot – of what you fancy does you good. Read more

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