Beware the Sperm-Jacker

Thomas Foley exposes a new threat to men  at The sperm-jacker is a woman who wants a baby and doesn’t care who helps her make it.

As the economy continues to shrink faster than your willy in a cold swimming pool, the last thing you need is more news to get worried about. Unfortunately for us all, a new threat has emerged and this one’s not out to get your money, your freedom or your season tickets. Instead, this little menace has its eyes set on something else entirely: your sperm.


Here’s how the scenario might typically unfold: You meet an attractive, single 30-something woman in a bar, and quickly things lead to the bedroom. As you fumble around for a condom, she insists that it won’t be necessary; she’s on the pill and claims to have regular health checkups. Alarm bells should be ringing right about now, but by this point, curse of man, you’re not really thinking with your head — or at least not the one up top. Flash forward a few months, and you pick up the phone to learn that impossibly — or so you thought — you’re going to be a daddy. Guess what? You’ve just been sperm jacked.

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