7 Smooth Moves for Great Sex

There’s a big difference between having sex and having good sex. Men’s Health reveals seven smooth moves to put the finishing touches to the best sex you’ll ever have.

Where should I put my hands when we kiss?
There is a natural magnetism that pulls your hands towards her breasts. This is perfectly understandable, but a schoolboy error. Rein yourself in. It’s too soon. So where should your hands go? Not on her shoulders – unless you want her to feel as though she’s kissing her gran. And not her butt, either. That’s just too lecherous. Rather slow down. Scout out the territory. While your mouths play, gently put one hand on her cheek, as if you want to check that she’s for real. Rest the other lightly on her knee.

How do I undress while sitting or lying?
It’s a dilemma: how do you get from clothed to naked when you’re sitting or lying down without giving an impromptu contortionist’s performance? Read more

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