6 Unexplored Sex Destinations

Sex expert Dr. Deepak Arora says, “Whenever you experience a change in your life, you feel more excited and the same holds true for sexual intimacy.” So,the next time you plan an intimate session with your partner, forget the boring bedroom,  kitchen, or shower. Instead, try out these unexplored corners of your house.

Garage Passion: Everyone loves a wild backseat romp, but it can get even wilder if you try sex in the garage. The dark ambiance and the rusty feel will surely build up the mood for a night of passion. Fun would be at its peak when you play love games of hide and seek behind the parked cars and let your partner look for you and thus build up your sexual mood. Alternately try a sex romp on top of your car. Dr. [Shivi] Jaggi explains, “In a garage, it’s the raw energy of the destination that adds to the pleasure and once Shiviyou’re away from the comfort of your bedroom, this crude place is definitely racy and exciting. If you really wish to have a new-fangled change, you can specially design your garage to make it an apt place for sex.”

Word of caution: Make sure you do not make too much noise by pressing the car horn and disturbing your neighbours as they may interrupt your sexual act. Read more

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