Oral Sex Enhancers: Do We Really Need Them?

Do we really need a product that makes your mouth wet so that you can perform better fellatio? Love Buzz tests Sixty Nine Wet Head.

I… n this Love Buzzer’s youth people said that if you put a lifesaver in your mouth while going down on a guy he’d feel a whole new sensation. Other version we’ve heard include an Altoid or a cough drop. All three were supposed to produce the same result: an added tingle created by the mint or active ingredient in the cough drop. One thing that no one ever mentioned, though, was that a sucking candy produces saliva, a necessary component of oral sex.

A new product is trying to take this idea and sell it. Sixty Nine Wet Head is basically Listerine PocketPaks redesigned for sex: translucent strips that at first seem like plastic, but dissolve when placed on your tongue. The Listerine version is supposed to kill germs. The sex version promises “one little strip on your tongue will turn your mouth into a juicy wet haven. With a mouth so moist you’ll have your partner spinning from your newfound talent.” We get the idea, but does it work? And do you really need it? Read more

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