Do Vegetarians Have Better Sex than Meat Eaters?

Champagne and Benzedrine examines the PETA claim that vegetarians have better sex than meat eaters.

PETA, the vile ‘animal rights’ organization that murders animals, supports domestic terrorism and brainwashes impressionable kids, at least have a pretty slick agency working for them.

They came up with the following – a ‘banned’ Superbowl commercial that claims that vegetarians have better sex than meat eaters. Considering almost everything that PETA claims is a lie, I’m immediately suspicious of that claim. Read more

One Response

  1. PETA followers tend to be hugely obnoxious individuals brimming with crusader-zeal and absurdly unreflective confidence in the merit of their cause.

    They don’t seem to realize that their “Meat is murder–that’s right, buddy. YOU ARE A MURDERER!” approach alienates all the moderates who might be brought over to their ideological outlook were they to bring a more constructive and engaging polemic to their proselytizing endeavors.

    And for the record, most vegetarians are terrible at sex.

    Self-image issues, mental weakness, and the fact that they commonly reek of garlic and/or the other strong herbs and spices used to make their bland diet of legumes and starchy vegetables palatable.

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