How to Arrange Casual Encounters Online

Looking for a hot, no-strings-attached encounter? Forget the bar scene. The web is where you’ll get lucky, says Sarah Stefanson at

… Arranging casual encounters online has become fairly commonplace, and the internet makes finding a potential mate incredibly convenient, especially for people who are very busy or who are not into the bar scene. If what you’re looking for is purely physical, however, the internet can be a godsend. Approaching a girl in a bar with the intention of a one-night stand is almost always a losing prospect, so you have to pull out all the stops to seduce her and then deal with the consequences of your one-night-only attitude when she expects a relationship the next morning. All this trouble can be avoided by arranging casual encounters online, where both your intentions and theirs are crystal clear from the beginning. No, it isn’t just middle-aged swingers that use the internet for hooking up. There are young, attractive people online who want to keep things simple and have some fun. Read more

2 Responses

  1. do u like to lick a guys ass?

  2. I guess there are young, attractive people who use the Internet to hook up, but they’re not in anything like the abundance that they might appear to be. A lot of the online dating sites are major scams full of false profiles.

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