15 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex… Right Now

Treehugger gives 15 reasons why you should have sex… right now.

From my experiences as a sex columnist, it just never seems to amaze me of all the healthful reasons for having a plentiful sex life. The most recent Durex Global Sex Survey shows that there are unfortunately a number of countries that could use a little more effort in this arena. One of the most notable is the United States, which is quite frankly having a lot less sex than just about everyone in the world, and when they do finally get around to it, less than half are satisfied with their experiences.

Okay folks, this is serious. Sex is a very important, fundamental part of life. It is both healthy and even green in many ways. So to help me get my point across, I am going to explain 15 glorious reasons why we should be doing a little less stressing, eating, and watching TV, and a whole lot more frolicking under the sheets!

Stress Reliever-
Stress is a leading cause of sickness, yet most people are practically bathing in it daily. Read more

2 Responses

  1. if u r intrested in sex will u have sex with me

  2. You didn’t read my FAQ, did you?

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