5 Internet Sex Hoaxes

Ever hear of toothing? Greenlighting? Our First Time? YourTango says they’re all internet hoaxes.

This morning we were all set to write a post about new device called the “Love Trainer,” a headset you wear during sex that monitors body functions like heart rate and gives you instructions like, “following the beat, make love much harder.” The video for the love trainer promises to take your sex life to the next level through “patented biofeedback technology” that “coach you to optimal sexual performance.”

We were going to make jokes like, “does the Love Trainer short circuit if you have group sex?” and “probably not the best Valentine’s Day gift,” but it turns out the Love Trainer is a hoax. But! That gave us an excuse to compile a list of other internet sex hoaxes. Read on, and impress your next date with your intimate knowledge of web whoppers.

1. Toothing. In 2004 rumors circulated that folks in the lovely British isles were using Bluetooth headsets to arrange anonymous sexual encounters. Read more

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