Jessica Alba: Women Should Enjoy Casual Sex Too

Actress Jessica Alba says women should be able to have casual sex without being chastised since men do it all the time.

Jessica Alba, who’s expecting her first child with fiancé Cash Warren, 29, says women should not be chastised for enjoying sex.

‘I don’t think a girl is a slut if she enjoys sex. I don’t do one-night stands, but I’m not judgmental about women who do,’ she says. ‘Men do it all the time.’ Read more

One Response

  1. for a man to have one night stand he has to be pretty desperate witch shows weakness n selfishness but maybe his girl aint giving him enough or he just cant satisfy any one to like him for longer then one night a girl that respects her self can have sex as much as she wants, but doing it with different people all the time is wrong and it points to mental chemical imbalance now men have shorter lifespan and greater stress exposure then woman so if to take it to very basics we kinda have to reproduce so don’t blame guys for doing rather help them take control over their instincts by giving them attention, love and care feel of belonging if the guy has good character he will do everything you do to him but better and more just if you think you found that some one special respect him listen to him since you chose to be with him. girls have to remember that the whole world doesn’t revolve around just them. important when you think that something you cant put up with rather end now and realize your mistake of choice save your self and others time

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