9 Ways to Reclaim Your Sex Life

The worldwide economic recession is affecting more than our bank accounts. Sex therapist Dr. Ian Kerner says that recession has taken its toll on people in general,  including having less sex.  “Fifty million people are stuck in a sex rut. The economy inhibits a person’s libido because they feel stressed and depressed.” Dr. Kerner suggests nine ways to reclaim your sex life even in these stressful times.

1. Just go ahead with it: “It might sound silly, but just have more sex. Your mind has become habituated to not having sex, so it’s hard to break out of it. You have to reconnect.”

2. Connect with each other: “You can’t just turn sex on when it’s time to go to bed.You need to build that sense of connection.”

3. Stay positive: “Studies show that for couples to boost their sex life, they have to be positive. It’s easy to go home and talk about mortgages and bills, but if it leads to a negative cycle of communication, figure out a positive form of communication.” Read more

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