10 Perfect Reasons for Having Frequent Sex

When it comes to frequency of sex, the old adage of “just do it” is backed up by science. More and more studies are showing increased emotional and physical benefits from frequent sex. If your partner has a lower sex drive than you, Intimate Medicine gives you ten perfect reasons why sex is not only good, but good for you.

Why is it good to make love?
When you think of sex, such questions probably do not fill your head because you love having sex and you truly do not need to seek the “whys”. However, a plus or two cause no harm. It is scientifically proved that active sex life has a beneficial effect both on your health and soul. Let us look at 10 perfect reasons to hop into bed.

10 reasons to make love

1. Physical Exercise.

Everyone is probably familiar with the pleasant fatigue after sexual activity after which you can sleep as a baby. Dr. Michael Cirigliano of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine says that making love three times a week burns about 7,500 calories in a year, which is the equivalent of jogging 75 miles. Read more

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