How to Add an Inch to Your Penis Naturally

Even though only one out of three women prefer penises seven inches or longer, many men consider a big penis the key to happiness . In fact, one man with a small penis angrily claims that his shortcoming is the only reason he can’t find happiness with a woman since, otherwise, he’s a wonderful man and quite a catch (or so he says). One possible solution for men who want a bigger penis is penis enlargement exercises.

I know that penis enlargement exercises work for at least some men because a former lover – after I commented of the size of his penis  – confessed that he had used them to increase his penis size an inch and a half. I don’t know what he specifically did, but Roger Miller outlines a penis enlargement routine to add an inch to your penis naturally. The fact that he is providing a “free trial” speaks volumes about his confidence that many men could benefit from penis enlargement exercises. As he points out, what do you have to lose?

Let’s say the average penis size is 6 and a ½ inches. And that’s a generous average. How would a guy with that starting size feel if he were told that, with work, he could gain one inch in length?

Pretty happy. Very happy. In fact, most men would be completely pleased with a one inch gain in length. They wouldn’t much mind if that’s the most they could physically gain.


So…that first inch. Let’s make that your main goal. That is what you’re going to aim for. Now, how are you going to achieve it? Here is how. Read more

18 Responses

  1. I resemble that remark. Not nice. I caution any man to really research “jelking” with a urologist first. It is NOT real and can permanently damage what you have.

  2. Jelqing has been practiced for hundreds of years. Have you ever known of a doctor who didn’t scoff at anything he didn’t learn in medical school or read in a Big Pharma-sponsored journal?

  3. Its been around as a ploy for small guys for “hundreds” of years, and yet there are still small penis men suffering. R-I-G-H-T…

    If it really worked EVERYONE would know about it and there would be no more questions on penis size.


    Did you get my email?

  4. No, everyone would NOT know about it because the self-proclaimed authorities hide and deny the facts in order to preserve the status quo and enrich themselves.

  5. So its the medical world I owe my wrath too? Stop it!

    If you knew the anatomy and tissue type of the penis, you’d know how ridiculous “stretching” the penis is. Besides, the TEMPORARY effects if any, do nothing to WIDTH which you and all women say is the best facet of a normal penis.

    here again you have me sounding advesarial, when in fact, its you who continue to throw smoke bombs. This latest is the most irresponsible and cruel.

  6. Your slavish devotion to “authority” is pathetic. Facts don’t matter, do they? Unless your masters allow you, you don’t dare to peek outside your cage.

  7. And you won’t say anything definitively.

    I have researched jelqing (excuse me for misspelling it earlier) and know it is inherent in the anatomy that it just can’t work. And study’s show it does not.

    This whole discussion about stretching what cannot be stretched, is just a diversion. Yet in itself, it points to your and most women’s contradiction. If I have to stretch it, then its size DOES MATTER!

  8. Haha, oh god. Your type crack me up.

    Please listen to yourself. All you’re doing is making blind attacks on “authority” and not actually looking at any of the information that’s out there. Seriously, you owe your readership more than that.

    Regarding your comment about medical journals, please explain to me how it’s responsible for anyone to believe anything that hasn’t been scientifically tested. Are you saying the “authorities” have control over the scientific method as well?

  9. I am slavish to the TRUTH. Not inferred truth.

  10. In my experience with this (and I have some because I actually do have a penis), Ron is competely right. The penis is not meant to be stretched and pulled to for distortion purposes!. I used Jeclkling on my own, for a 6 and 1/2″ penis, I did it and had erection problems for almost a year. (from not being able to get it up to having a much smaller and softer erection for the entire period). It did however work for about 6 months and gave me an increase of an inch and 1/4 ( girth did not increase, just firmness )

    Let me give you the real advice that you need to hear about penis length. Your penis is just the right size to get that girl off that wants to have sex with you! Its 100 percent mental and just knowing that she wants you and not your penis is what you need to undestand., that is what makes you a beast in bed not your penis.

    Please remeber this site is for everyone out there that has low self esteem or are just plain ignorant of how a penis and vagina work. Let me remind you the sexiest thing that we find attractive about woman is there innocene “ie their lack of sexual experience” remember that it is the same thing for them but we must be confident about it.

    I learned this and have decided to actually follow the laws that God has set in place because, he knows whats best, and he equipped us for what we need to be happy in this life without a little extra down there. That being said, if you still want to Jeckle because of those insecurities that are put in place by our culture ( all girls want a black cock or you need just a little bit more ) then here are the rules

    1 Stretch at most twice a week- believe me this is the only rule you truly need to follow

    2 Do it in the shower- it allows your skin and tissue to be more warm and thus more pliable

    3 Pull and stretch in different directions- but if you feel any pain let up a bit its not a race, its a journey

    4 Squeeze from the base toward the head and back- sounds obvious but make sure you go back, remember that the blood goes in and out

    5 Swing it around- up down and different directions causes blood to circulate all over

    6 After your Its Hard- when returning to original size, this is the ideal time to manipulate, make sure you do 1-5

    7 Never do this longer than an hour a day!- You will get carried away believe me

    8 Take multivitamins and supplemnts that increase circulation- that does not mean extenze or that crap, just natural stuff

    9 BELIEVE- Tell yourself your penis is getting bigger from what you are doing, imagine more blood going into your penis, imagine you skin and tissue relaxing enough to allow increase and you relax because stress will decrese size as well


    Again, Love and penis length do not gp hand in hand.
    If the sexual organs mattered so much, why dont woman have products that tighten their fem areas or some special clamps that claim to cause “TIGHTNESS FOR YOUR MAN” and ” EXTRA PLEASURE” because they know thats not were in love with, we are in love with that special someone. RESPECT and love just one!

  11. Thanks for providing some actual information to men who are interested in increasing their penis size and not just spouting the conventional wisdom. I completely agree that “love and penis length do not go hand in hand.” Most men want a bigger penis to satisfy their own egos. Women are much the same way about our breasts. We think that bigger breasts will solve our relationship problems, but we’re really trying to improve our own self-image.

    Actually, women are having surgeries to tighten their vaginas. I don’t agree with that since I know Kegel exercises work to tighten vaginal muscles, allowing, along with the right sex position, a tight fit for even a smaller penis.

  12. Regarding your belief that medical journals are a source of unbiased, scientifically-tested information, are you actually serious? You’re not aware that negative studies about the efficacy of antidepressants were suppressed for years by the drug companies? You’re not aware that scientists have rigged studies or even falsified results to please their sponsors or advance their careers? You’re not aware that doctors prescribe based on what the drug sales reps recommend after they’ve been paid off with speaking engagements, honorariums, etc.?

    The worship of science and scientists might have been understandable back in the days of Sputnik, but Big Science has been repeatedly revealed to be just as corrupt as Big Government and Big Business. The “truth is out there,” but don’t expect your Lords and Masters to provide it if doing so would negatively affect their power or profits. Think for yourself.

  13. Big Science? That’s a new one. Never heard that before.

    Regarding you claims about the efficacy of antidepressants, no I never had heard that. I am, however, curious, so might you be able to produce an article or two about it?

    Also, you seem to misunderstand what science is. When valid studies are suppressed and invalid studies are portrayed as valid and never get discredited, science is not happening. However, this is the age of the Internet – it is impossible to completely suppress anything anymore. If you can find me a valid study (whether it’s in a medical journal or not), then you’ve made your point. However, claims that a study supporting jelqing as effecting *might* exist are meaningless.

    I can claim for as long as I want that studies proving the existence of unicorns have been suppressed by , but that doesn’t mean anybody should believe me. Would you?

  14. Err… replace “effecting” with “effective”, and replace that empty space after “suppressed by” with [put name of powerful malicious entity here].

  15. An alternative term for “Big Science” might be bought-and-paid-for science.” This is one article about malfeasance regarding antidepressants. Here’s another. For a bonus, here’s an article from the Telegraph about the global warming scam.

    Science as practiced today is simply untrustworthy. Power and profit determine results, not experimentation and observation. I don’t misunderstand what science is at all. Scientists have betrayed the scientific method.

    No one has done a study on jelqing, which you will exultantly point to as evidence that it doesn’t work (as if refusal to study something disproved it). In the absence of studies that scientists won’t do, I point to the fact that the Arabs have practiced jelqing for hundreds of years, and Sir Richard Burton wrote about the practice and documented the results in the nineteenth century. I know that’s the dread “anecdotal evidence,” but I don’t sneer at the traditional wisdom of indigenous peoples. (Even their astronomy wasn’t bad, considering all they had was the naked eye.)

    Actually, I don’t care whether you or any other man tries jelqing. I’m presenting the information for those men who may not have heard of it and may be interested in finding out more. (BTW, Unicorns are real. Here’s the story.)

  16. I know this article is old, but I wanted to offer my two cents.

    I myself tried jelqing and stretching for a few months and I gained about a half inch in length. I probably gained a tiny bit in girth but I didn’t measure well my first time (I was being hasty) so I’m not sure what to compare it to. That said, I definitely gained length, and if I could have done it longer it would have worked even better.

    I don’t have any proof. That doesn’t help my case, but the only thing I have that can even remotely prove exercises’ legitimacy is a link (Or maybe a copy-paste subject; I don’t know if links work here or not) to It’s a message board that’s been going on since at least early 2002 devoted exclusively to people using exercises to increase penis size. Everyone there could very well be lying, but look at the sheer amount of content on those boards… that’s a lot of work to just to keep the myth of penis exercises floating around. Plus, if you look at the progress logs, many people post before/after pictures. Which could, again, be faked; but you can say that about everything on the internet. Also, the website is ran on donations and there are no ads. The owner has made posts before declaring that he doesn’t have enough money to keep the site up because not enough people donate, at which point I guess a lot of people made donations to keep it going for a while longer. Nobody’s making money off of this.

    In regards to the person who tried jelqing and got hurt: Although the penis isn’t a muscle, exercises like the jelq are similar to mainstream exercises. If you try to lift a dumbell that weighs 400 lbs you’re going to hurt your arm,(And probably your back) but that doesn’t mean weightlifting is fake. You’ve got to start out slowly, apply light pressure, control your erection, use some kind of lubricant, use a warm-up and keep repetitions down. You can’t come out of the gates firing on all cylinders; you work your way up to the heavier stuff. Just like weightlifting.

    That said, I think the reason mainstream science refuses to investigate exercises is because it’s just embarassing. Especially in American culture. Imagine if a lab somewhere said they were going to study people pulling and otherwise exerting their penises for forty minutes a day. Late night talk shows would have material for a year. And it kind of implies that the scientists themselves have small penises or low self-esteem. Besides, would anyone believe them if they did it right and found out it worked? Of course they wouldn’t. And if they did, they’d try it for a month or so, get tired of spending the forty or so minutes a day it takes, then complain that it takes too long. Or they’d do too much and hurt themselves and complain about that. You just can’t please some people.

  17. Excellent points. Jelqing is an ancient Arabic technique for penis enlargement. It works, despite the know-it-alls who try to use “science” to disprove it. To a real scientist that would suggest that our scientific understanding is inadequate and more research was needed. To the scientific dogmatists, though, it means whatever doesn’t fit into their paradigm is wrong – no need to consider the evidence.

  18. Thanks. It’s refreshing to see someone online who believes it works. Especially someone who knows enough to make those other three guys look as foolish as you made them out to be. Great job!

    For the record, and for anyone who stumbles across this later (Like I did), many people on the message boards I mentioned have actually gained more than one inch. The downside, of course, is that it takes around slightly less than a year of dedicated, six-out-of-seven-days-a-week to get just one inch. Which might sound alright now but trust me, after three months even I was having trouble getting motivated. It’s rough fellas.

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