What Women Think about the Top 5 Male Sexual Fantasies

Earlier this month, I posted about acting out the top three female sexual fantasies, but how about men? What are the chances of getting to act out yours? Jasmine Leigh of AskMen.com describes the top five male sexual fantasies and rates your chances on a scale of one to ten of getting your partner to make them a reality. (Hint: your chances of fulfilling your anal sex fantasy are pretty good, so be sure to follow these ten steps so that you get to do it again.)

Many men share in the same general sexual fantasies: three women in a hot tub, three women in your bed, three women enjoying each other shamelessly on a deserted beach where you just happen to be taking a stroll, and the list goes on. But not all of them relate to girl-on-girl action. Of course there are the more “ordinary,” but no less pleasurable of course, dreams of actually getting laid at all. The occasional blow job in front of the TV would be nice too.

Dreams are free! That’s why they are so great — we can make up anything we like and nobody can stop us. Point in question is, if you share your fantasies with your girl, will she enjoy them so much she would like to participate in them and maybe make them a reality for you? There are a few she may like, but some she may not.

Read on to see how likely she is to fulfill your wildest dreams.

This fantasy is often hard for a woman in a relationship to swallow: “So you want to invite another woman into bed with us, do you?” she says. “So I’m not sexy enough/talented enough/thin enough for you, huh?” she may think. Read more

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