Why Can’t She Orgasm with You?

Many women can climax when masturbating or when stimulated in some similar way by their partner, but cannot reach orgasm during intercourse. FOXSexpert Yvonne K. Fulbright lists some of the reasons and remedies. (Hint: if you neglect the first one, the rest are less likely to work.)

She can climax on her own. She can reach the “Big O” with toys. She can even think her way to bliss. Yet she just can’t orgasm with you.

If it weren’t for all the e-mails I get on this issue, I’d think it was a joke. But it’s real, and a cruel joke at that. Many women are perfectly orgasmic, only not with their lover. Thankfully, there are several ways to make sure she hits heaven when she’s with you: Read more

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