5 New, Improved Ways to Please Your Woman

Can the conventional wisdom sometimes be wrong? New tips and techniques are always being discovered in every field, so why not in sex advice? Men’s Health suggests five new, better ways to please your woman by trying something different from what you may have been told.

A lot has changed in the bedroom in 37 years, and not just the shag rug. The Joy of Sex was a seminal instructor when it came out in 1972, but it lacked insight into how both partners could please each other. A new edition, revised by a woman, arrives this month. Modernize your approach with these tips.

Outdated: If she likes it, keep doing it
Updated: Never stop experimenting
Her body’s sensitivity changes as her arousal level rises. Read more

One Response

  1. The first tip, “Never stop experimenting” is one that far too few people take seriously. After being in a relationship for a while many couples seem to fall into a terrible rut such as, ‘oral sex, intercourse, sleep’.

    I believe that if a relationship has been going on too long, both partners will be a bit shy to make any serious changes to their sex habits. To avoid that downfall I think it’s important to go into a new relationship with ideas and experimentation. Sex with a new partner is always great and exciting, but if you get into the habit early on to regularly introduce new and interesting changes I think it will set a precedence of experimentation throughout the entire relationship.

    So don’t wait until things get boring before you try new things, if the first time is too awkward for some, then get things interesting the second time, in my opinion it’s never too early to spice it up.

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