5 Ways to Satisfy Your Woman after You’ve Peaked

Let’s say you’ve already had your orgasm, but she hasn’t. If you want to continue having sex with this woman, don’t fall asleep yet. At least spend a few minutes talking to her, or, better yet, use one or more of the following five ways to get her off, too – and then have a few moments of pillow talk afterward. (In my opinion, though, number five is just plain lazy, plus it reminds her that she doesn’t really need you to have an orgasm.)

You’ve already had your orgasm and you’re perfectly relaxed, but don’t fall asleep just yet — there’s still work to be done. She’s still waiting on you to return the favor. So as good as you may feel and as much as you may want to, now’s not the time to be selfish.

So how can you please her without spending a dog’s age doing it? It’s simple; follow the tips below for 5 ways to satisfy her after you’ve peaked.

1- Perform cunnilingus & use your fingers
When you lick her vagina and use your fingers to penetrate her, you’re stimulating her clitoris and G-spot simultaneously — a very smart move. It’s a great way to satisfy her after you’ve peaked. Read more

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