European Penis Sizes Compared

Seduction Labs publishes a table of the biggest penises in Europe by country.

In new research from the ‘Institut fuer Kondom-Beratung‘, 10,477 men from 25 European Union member countries were asked to measure the length and girth of their manhood in its erect state.

The results were that the survey found men around Europe vary dramatically, with the French, famous for their letters, who measured up with the longest and thickest penis, whilst Greeks had the smallest average measurements. Read more

3 Responses

  1. fake you can’t find any Greek men with penis shorter than 14cm

  2. I didn’t take the survey. I just reported the results.

  3. Probably true. In classical Greece, the small penis was considered the ideal. This ideal may have played an important role in sexual selection, such that the genes for small penises have been perpetuated to this day in modern Greece.

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