Oral Sex Tips to Get Her Good and Hot

Men often want more intercourse, and women often want more oral sex. AdviseMen.com gives some oral sex tips to get her so hot that she’s begging to have you inside her!

Sex in any capacity is always such a pleasurable event but just like men love receive head, women absolute love to be treated to a good amount of oral sex! Believe it or not there is no wrong way to perform it on a woman but some moves are better than others and by applying some of these oral sex tips, you’ll be the master of her clitoris in no time! I don’t know of too many women who don’t like to have a guy go down on them and as a matter of fact, more often than not I hear that it is the ONLY way some women can even get off! That’s not true for all but I can vouch for the fact that oral sex performed as part of foreplay is an awesome prelude to actual intercourse and can help in getting your woman ready to orgasm. Because it usually takes longer for women to get off then men, to ensure that you guys don’t finish before we’ve gotten ours, going down on her before penetration can pretty much guarantee a mind blowing orgasm every time! Read more

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