How the “Anne Hathaway Loves Anal Sex” Rumor Fooled The Internet

One thing that the internet is good for is spreading rumors, such as that Barack Obama is a Muslim or that Sarah Palin’s baby is actually her daughter’s. I recently posted about another internet hoax – the Tina Sherman nude photos story. Defamer examines how the “Anne Hathaway loves anal sex” rumor fooled the internet.

It’s the rumor that’s been burning up the internet for the last few days: in an upcoming issue of Esquire, actress Anne Hathaway will open up about her love of anal sex. After describing it as one of the most sensual things she’s ever done and something that makes her feel “feminine in a very special way,” the actress supposedly says, “Every woman should try it, otherwise they miss out on something amazing.” While Hathaway has played her fair share of sexually provocative roles in films like Havoc and Brokeback Mountain, we were skeptical of her newfound candor; nevertheless, the rumor has only built up steam over the last few days (it was spread by Gawker, LA Rag Mag, and thousands of other sites). Emboldened by our investigation into Megan Fox’s own magazine confessions, we knew we had to find out: are these Hathaway quotes for real, and if not, where did they come from? Read more

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