10 Rules for One-Night Stands

A one night stand is not the beginning of a relationship, but that doesn’t mean you should treat the person unkindly. Daily Bedpost lists ten rules to make one-night stands as nice as possible – for both of you.

For those of you who voted in favor of one-night stands yesterday, here’s a little refresher course on how to make said one-night stands as nice as possible, in every sense of the word. Just because you’re never going to see someone again, doesn’t mean you can treat them unkindly. Because if today we’re rude to our one-night stands, tomorrow we’ll stop holding elevators for strangers in a hurry, and by the weekend we’ll be answering our cellphones in church. So here are ten good rules to follow:

1. Always lay your cards on the table before the strip poker begins–we like to call this the “pre-nook.” Read more

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