7 Signs That She Won’t Sleep with You

Sometimes a man doesn’t pick up on the fact that a woman is just not that into him. Vixen at  Baggage Reclaim lists seven signs that she won’t sleep with you so that you can quit wasting your time and move on to finding a woman who will.

… Here are some signs to tell that she is most probably NOT interested and you should go sow your oats elsewhere.
1. She never sees you during the evenings. If she is interested in sleeping with you, Miss Hot Stuff will provide the opportunity. So, if you find yourself seeing her only in broad daylight, with her driving her car to meet you someplace, chances are, she isn’t feeling like sleeping with you.
2. You have never seen the inside of her apartment: Another case of opportunity being denied. If she doesn’t invite you up, or let you in past her foyer, chances are she won’t sleep with you.
3. She always stops you from getting to 3rd or 4th base. If she always breaks the physical connection first, she probably wasn’t going to sleep with you. It could be with a divine interruption of her cell phone, her getting up and straightening her clothes, asking if you would like a glass of water…these are all distractions to dissuade you from your quest. Take the cues and move on from there. Read more

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