Tina Sherman Nude Photos Story Likely a Hoax; Naked Pictures Don’t Exist

If you’ve been searching the web for nude photos of Tina Sherman, you’ve been wasting your time. The Tina Sherman nude photos story was likely a hoax, says The Post Chronicle newspaper.

Arkansas man Phillip Sherman is suing McDonalds claiming that nude photographs of his wife Tina Sherman were uploaded onto to a website after misplacing his cell phone at a Fayetteville, McDonalds restaurant.


Because of this story hitting the mainstream news, the search terms “Tina Sherman” and “Tina Sherman Nude” have permeated the web.

One problem, no photos and no alleged website where they reportedly taken down from. Read more

2 Responses

  1. i’m intrested dekkert20@hotmail.com

  2. […] or that Sarah Palin’s baby is actually her daughter’s. I recently did a post on the Tina Sherman nude photos story – another internet hoax. Defamer looks at how the “Anne Hathaway loves anal sex” rumor […]

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