His G-Spot (and 7 Other Hidden Erotic Zones)

Touching the following areas on a man’s body – which many women aren’t even aware of – will make him boil over with erotic excitement. Cosmopolitan tells you where to find them and what to do once you’re there.

If you asked your guy to divulge the sexiest place on his body where you could stroke him, it doesn’t take a genius to guess how he’d respond. But it turns out there are several lusty locales that, when tantalized and teased, will take his pleasure to a higher level than he usually experiences.


A guy’s entire family jewels are certainly extremely sensitive, but there’s one particular destination on his boys that can send more chills up his spine when touched than any other part of them. “The raphe is the thin seam that runs dead center along the underside of his scrotum from top to bottom,” says Fulbright. “It’s teeming with tingly nerve endings.” Read more

4 Responses

  1. Svetlana,

    thanks for posting this. I saw the issue last summer, but they didn’t have the text on their Web site.

    You didn’t mention what it says about “his g-spot” (i.e., prostate). It actually advocates getting there through the back door — one of your (and my) favorite topics.

    Vickie P.

  2. Hi Vickie,
    I’ve already done a prostate massage post, and I thought the excerpt I used was get more click throughs than the G-spot section.

  3. Thanks, Svetlana. That was another winner!

    I’m bookmarking my favorite columns at http://delicious.com/vickiep/SvetlanaIvanova

    Vickie P.

  4. Cool! If you haven’t already checked out this page, you may discover more favorites among my articles.

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