An Interview with a Submissive Female Blogger

Ruth N explores the mind of a submissive female in her interview with Nadia West of Diary of a Kinky Librarian.

This week we’re fortunate to have TWO fetish interviews for our reading enjoyment! Nadia West of Diary of a Kinky Librarian is our first post, while the second interview is with be with Kitten of Kitten’s Paw Prints In Slavery. Right now all eyes are on Nadia West, so let’s dive in! Nadia is a sexy submissive woman who enjoys submitting to her dominant male partner. Past interviewees have referred to their dominant partners as Master, and Nadia’s Master goes by MasterDoc. Nadia also uses the word “Dom” or “Dominant” for him in this interview, and has another partner who is her boyfriend.

While Nadia can have vanilla (not kinky) sex, she much prefers this consensual exchange of power. Now you know the drill, this is for you to read, not meant as a guide, got it? Nadia does a wonderful job of putting a very human spin on a kink that some find hard to imagine, and does so with sexy flair. She has also put a lot of time and detail into her answers, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them! Read more

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