How to Make Oral Sex Easy for Her

Sarah Stefanson at tells how can you make it easier and more pleasurable for your woman to give you a little oral action.

Going down is generally not a woman’s favorite part of sex, but it is often what a guy wants most. Your girl probably has plenty of excuses to avoid giving you head, most of them valid. So how can you make it easier and more pleasurable for her to give you a little oral action?

Mr. Clean

The most important thing you can do to make her more comfortable exploring your nether regions with her tongue is to clean yourself up. You may have had a shower in the morning, but by the time the evening rolls around you’ve likely used the bathroom a few times and perspired a bit, so it probably doesn’t smell or taste very good down there. For a longer and more enthusiastic oral sex session, make a point of washing up right before it begins. To avoid spoiling the mood, you could incorporate a mutual bath or shower into your foreplay.

Don’t forget to keep yourself neat and trimmed down below. She doesn’t want to have to hack through a jungle of hair to get to the goods. Read more

5 Responses

  1. Svetlana, I came across this blog a month or so ago and I have learned a lot from it, especially from your explanatory pieces on anal sex (for both men and women as receivers) and other matters. I want to say THANK YOU, and having seen that at least one person has given you a hard time, I hope that all visitors to your blog will be respectful and not take things personally.

    Regarding this current post, what is your take on whether it is desirable for a man to be “neat and trimmed”?

    Also, I am curious whether you have written any articles with tips for men who can be shy at times, on relating to/flirting with women with confidence?

    Again, thank you!

  2. Thanks, Jeff, I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. Most women, including myself, don’t necessarily want a hairless man; as a matter of fact, many women like chest hair. However, neat and trimmed is essential, especially the pubic area. And no back hair!

    I haven’t written anything about flirting with confidence. Probably, a man who was previously shy could best tell how to develop confidence, but the basic advice is really common sense: smile, say hello, have something to talk about, and realize that, if a woman isn’t responsive, there may be all sorts of reasons for it that have very little to do with you.

    In general, I think most of the seduction tips on how to be a “player” are pretty lame and transparent and would only work on a woman who was drunk or stoned unless she was playing along because she kind of liked you anyway.

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  4. Thank you for the reply, Svetlana. I have never trimmed my pubic hair before but might give it a try.

    On one site I saw, the author said not to trim the hair on the scrotum; apparently that was her preference. What are your thoughts on this, and if one were to try it, can it be done safely?

    I appreciate what you said about flirting with confidence and about the lameness of “seduction tips”. Makes sense to me that they wouldn’t “work” on most non-drunk, non-stoned women! :)

  5. If you like oral testicle play, trim the hair on the scrotum.

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