The Next Fitness Revolution… Swinging!

Kasadie magazine argues that the swinging lifestyle can help you stay trim. “Running around partially (or fully) naked in front of lots of other sexy people is always good motivation to stay in shape.”

We live in a society that is “diet” obsessed. The majority of the population is on a constant body mass index roller coaster as their willpower fades and strengthens. In reality, it could almost be said that the secret to the perfect diet and fitness plan is not in the nutritional, pharmaceutical, or physiological attributes, but in the psychological. If anyone is going to be successful at any long term fitness solution, they have to find a way to stay motivated over a long period of time. With the above statement acting as my guidance, I say the absolute best way to long term health and fitness is regular sexual activity with a large variety of people. (No pun intended). Read more

2 Responses

  1. I hate to say it, but if someone sincerely believes that swinging leads to being more physically fit, they need to go to a swing club. The couples there are not the most physically fit, and many are middle-aged, and look it. I’m not claiming to be in perfect shape myself, but the contact I’ve had with people who swing is not leading me to believe that they’re all beautiful and “motivated” about fitness.

    As for sexual activity with a large variety of people, someone please remember to ask their local group how long it has been since one of their group had chlamydia or trich or what safety protocols (like testing every 3 months) are required before having sex in that group?

    There is so much more to health than weight or body type. What happened to accepting yourself as a person, and allowing the body to come into line with your acceptance of yourself?

  2. Nudists are another group that you’d think would make every effort to “look good naked,” but they don’t seem to try very hard.

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